Wolorim Manor: Grand Opening Marks Ukhrul’s First Bed and Breakfast

The Wolorim Manor

Ukhrul: In the heart of the once wooded Dungrei area, now a bustling business and residential hub of Hungpung now stands the Wolorim Manor—a testament to Tangkhul hospitality blending the old with the new. Amidst disappearing forest cover, the need to nurture neglected woodlands and preserve natural surroundings sparked the idea for this stone structure, carefully crafted to harmonize with its environment.

In the Talui language, “Wolorim” translates to “Come to the Cliff“, signifying a beckoning call to heights.

Rooted in Tangkhul culture, the manor stands on land once known as “Thingkham” in Tangkhul or “Shinglou” in Meitei, denoting a private woodland. Strategically located approximately 1116 sq. ft. southwards from the Police Point Junction, it embodies the essence of traditional architecture, with a design reminiscent of a Barn House styled structure on sloping topography. Crafted from locally quarried rough bluish/brown stones and “Uningthou” or Phoebe Hainensiana wood, the main Manor spans approximately 6,700 sq. ft. The interior comprises 2 Deluxe rooms, each around 390 sq. ft., and 5 Executive Rooms, approximately 253 sq. ft. each. Additional spaces include a spacious s

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