Women protest against deployment of central forces in Bishnupur distt

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Bishnupur: Womenfolk in the Sagang area of Manipur’s Bishnupur district on Thursday protested against an alleged attempt to open a post of central security forces in the area.

The womenfolk belonging to the Meitei, Kom and Meitei Pangal (Manipuri Muslims) have been protesting against the deployment of the central forces in the Sagang area.

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They have been objecting to the deployment of the central security forces while claiming that the area is not affected by the ongoing ethnic conflict while expressing fear that the deployment of the forces would disturb the peace and tranquillity of the area.

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Continuing the protest, a large number of womenfolk from the three communities came out. It prevented the movement of the team of central forces from moving on the road from Wangoo parking to Sagang.

The womenfolk alleged that central forces were coming to the PY college campus in Sagang.

No untoward incident was reported in blocking the central forces from further proceeding as the agitating women convinced them they would take the matter to the Bishnupur district administration and higher authorities of the state government.

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Earlier, Meira Paibis and other organisations based in the area met with the DC and the SP of Bishnupur district and apprised them not to deploy security forces in their area.

As no amicable solution was brought about in the meeting, the womenfolk had declared that they would not retreat from their stand and would not allow the station of central security forces in the area at any cost.

A woman protester told the media today that the deployment of central security forces in the area would disrupt the harmonious coexistence of different communities in Sagang.

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She said that all the communities in Sagang are peacefully coexisting and there has been no instance of communal violence in the area to date.

Given the prevailing situation, a large number of state forces led by SDPO Moirang and SDPO Bishnupur have been deployed to prevent unwanted outcomes.

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