Wrong approach will bring no solution: NSCN-IM

Dimapur: In pursuit of Naga political solution that is getting more sensitive with every passing day what is crucially important is to follow correct approach.  No  doubt the picture of SC. Jamir appearing again and again is a sort of discomfort for NSCN. Because he has proved himself as cunning, scheming and devious man who put himself in the center of the show in the past and desperately attempting to place himself in the same role that was rejected and condemned by Naga people after he messed up the Naga issue by bringing the 16 Point Agreement without consulting the stakeholders(Naga national workers) who really matters at that particular point of time. The bloodshed and killings that followed after the 16  Point Agreement is a matter of historical record. All the discords and factional clashes are rooted in this anti-Naga divisive agreement with Jamir as one of the architects and the only survivor architect today. He was also the person who denied Jawaharlal Nehru from meeting AZ.Phizo. It was Nehru who sensed something missing in 16 Point Agreement that may ultimately obstruct Naga solution that reflects Naga people’s rights.

What is to be noted is if the Government of India is sincerely interested to solve the intricate Naga political issue, it would do much good to avoid hobnobbing with person who no longer represents the voice of the Naga people. The very person who has vouched strongly to defend the interests of India rather than Naga people’s political interest have no moral authority to speak for the Naga political rights as he doesn’t represents the Naga political interest anymore. This also goes against the essence of Indo-Naga political talks.

The Second Indo-Naga Ceasefire of 1997 was signed to correct the political mistakes of the past like 16 Point Agreement and Shillong Accord by accepting to follow political process after having tasted the bitter and bloody military conflict with the Naga political movement spearheaded by National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN). The NSCN leaders came back from abroad on the invitation  of the GOI with all sincerity for political talks after they pointed out that the 16 Point Agreement was just a futile exercise except to generate bloodshed and wars between India and Nagas and need to be corrected by another agreement. The 16 Point Agreement that created Nagaland state covers only16000 sq.kms. leaving out the rest of the Naga areas covering more than 100000 sq.km.

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What happened after the Shillong Accord of 1975 was signed? Nothing good comes out other than adding fuel to the fire ignited by the 16 Point Agreement.

It is now up to the Government of India whether it will choose to go with the condemned past agreements by taking the advice of the surviving architect of the 16 Point Agreement or to go with the Framework Agreement that was loudly highlighted before the world and thereby finalize the Indo-Naga political issue once and for all.

NSCN also put on record that it is never opposed to early solution except to make it honorable and acceptable. We understand the pressing situation where people are over burdened with multiple factions and taxations and which can only see  the end once early Naga solution materialize. Ironically, these factions are not created by Nagas themselves. It was the Government of India who created it in order to burden the Naga public with the sinister design to pull down the Naga nationalism. However, the Naga settlement must be permanent and honorable as the Nagas cannot afford to make another mistake in accepting a settlement which does not guarantee secured future of the Naga people as well as complete eradication of taxes in the name of Naga political struggle.

It may be recalled that the then prime minister of India, Narasimha Rao who initiated the first move in 1995 to go for Naga solution made an honest beginning to solve Naga issue when he was good enough to admit that Naga issue has to be processed with the group who  hold the issue. What is of critical importance is  that what has begun well should not be made to flitter by leaning on the wrong people. This is no longer the 1960s to allow scheming people like Jamir to manipulate Naga issue. This kind of approach, instead of reaching permanent peaceful solution the situation will go from bad to worse.

The habitual betraying character of SC.Jamir is on record and never forgotten. During the 1998 when the Naga people cried for Naga solution and not election, the Congress in Nagaland under SC.Jamir went against the will of the people and put themselves in Nagaland  Assembly without the  mandate of the Naga people.  If this Indian agent and traitor to the Naga cause had not obstructed the meeting of Nehru and Phizo Nagas relationship with India would have been in a much better level. Had the call of the people  to boycott election in 1998 not betrayed  by Congress led by this man, the Indo-Naga political relationship would not be in this present status.

For Jamir, having rendered himself obnoxious to the Naga issue, Naga people will no longer appreciate his pretentious attitude. He is a person who have no respect for the God’s given rights to the Naga people and no matter how loud he speaks on Naga solution with a handful of people by his side, that doesn’t represents the voice of the Nagas. He defended the sovereignty and integrity of India in the ugliest manner by taking the lives of many Nagas and for which he was decorated with Padma Bhushan. NSCN abhor this type of insulting behaviour against the Nagas. And such people should not keep meddling in Naga issue as if it is his personal fieldom. Time’s up for Jamir on Naga issue.


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