Young Lamkang Football Star Darpol Sankhil Shines at National Championship


Ukhrul: The Office of the Lamkang Kurchuknao Kunpun (LKK) has congratulated Darpol Sankhil, son of Moses Sankhil from Thamlapokpi Village, Chandel, for his exceptional achievements as a Lamkang football player at the national level. Darpol’s involvement with the U-20 Team and Sudeva Football Club (Delhi) showcases his immense talent and dedication to the sport.

Darpol Sankhil’s recent standout performance for the Delhi team in the inaugural Swami Vivekananda U-20 Men’s National Football Championship was remarkable. He not only scored two goals during regular play but also secured the winning goal in a penalty shootout against Karnataka in a thrilling match, underscoring his prowess on the field. His sk

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