Youth Consultative Meeting in Hungpung organised by THYSO Addresses Drug Issues and Future Goals



Ukhrul: Over 500 students and youths of Hungpung attended the one-day consultative meeting organized by Thawaijao Hungpung Young Students’ Organization (THYSO) under the theme ‘Defining THYSO’ at Ilongshim, Hungpung on Saturday.

Dr. Soreingam Kasomhung, Asst. Professor Dept. of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, JNIMS and Lurstep Khapai, Principal of Sentinel College were the speakers at the august event. Ency YL, President of Women of Hungpung Unit for Social Advancement (WHUSA) along with her team also made their presence felt.

The consultative meeting commenced with a prayer by PS Sword, Pastor of Hungpung Baptist Church. In a brief Presidential address, Hubert Lunghar expressed his joy at the attendance and said the meeting is convened to bring clarity to the minds of the youngsters and shape their future through consultation and brainstorming session.

Dr. Soreingam Kasomhung spoke in detail about the negative peer pressures and the current trend of the youth in Hungpung and Ukhrul in general. He emphasized on the importance of teenage and adolescence stage and how it is crucial in setting lifelong habits and interest and set the foundation to one’s future. He went on to explain peer pressures, both positive and negative and advised the youngster to build strong self-confidence and find friends according to the kind of future they want.

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