Yung Yung Rocks Delhi

(Photo: K A S Mashun)

Delhi: Yung Yung‘s grand opening of his first Pheinai music tour saw an overwhelming response from fans Saturday night at the AICTE Auditorium, Delhi. Around 800 fans filled the auditorium to its full capacity, some even seen standing on the upper deck.

Opening with his first song Pheinai he explained how this song put him on the music industry map and why the tour is named after the song.

β€œPheinai is my first official song that’s why I decided to name the tour after the song. Pheinai song is very near and dear to my heart and it’s also dedicated to my first love and heartbreak. I hope this song connects to you all,” expressed Yung Yung.

Hosted by A R Mathing, Miss Manipur 2019 and supported by featuring artist Kakami, Leander and Chan Callie, the concert was a bang with back to back fans’ favorite hits including solo performances from the featuring artists.

The audience saw a good blend of Leander Kamson’s Rongmei fans, giving a very touching performance of his official song TUNA, a Rongmei Music Video (MV). Leander’s passionate delivery and the beautiful melody captivated the fans and however the language barrier, the fans absorbed it in a heartbeat.

The solo performance was followed by a duet of Koina paibi chekla by Chan Callie and Leander. The song sent the fans into a melodic trance; the dim ambiance was lit up with fans phone flashlights swaying, dancing to the tune.

Then came Kakami’s opening with Akhashi vamkhuika, Leishat kazat and Na kapm ram featuring Yung Yung. The elated fans jumped seats as they thronged up close to the podium singing along with the artists, offering die heart fans the full mix of hao hip-hop vibe–Exactly what the fans came for.

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Besides the hundreds of Northeast fans that turned up ready to lip sync to the lyrics of Itangwui achon, new fans from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra studying in Delhi University came with their Northeast fans after falling in love with Yung Yung’s MVs on Youtube.

β€œIt was our Northeast friends that first introduced Yung Yung’s music to us. We fell in love with all the songs right away. It’s so different and unique and now we listen to Yung Yung’s music all the time in the hostel. Although we don’t understand the meaning of the songs, we’ve somehow picked up the lyrics and the tune since it’s always on repeat. When we heard about his Pheinai music tour coming to Delhi, we were so excited to meet him. We’re beyond glad that we got to listen to First kiss, our favorite song in his live concert. We now know the meaning of some of the songs especially First kiss and we think it’s just so beautiful. We had a very fun time! We sang our hearts out and we jumped and screamed out loud and now we are all legitimately big fans of Yung Yung and all the artists today.”

The next destination of Yung Yung’s Pheinai music tour will be in Bangalore on June 22 at Bengaluru Mother Tekla Auditorium, Ashok Nagar.

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