Tangkhul Film ‘Samkhok’ Released


Ukhrul: Former MLA of 44-Ukhrul Assembly Constituency, Alfred Kanngam Arthur on Saturday released the much awaited Tangkhul film Samkhok in a jam pack audience at Town Hall, Ukhrul.

Amidst the Manipur unrest that has gripped the state since May 3, the populace of Ukhrul Headquarters today got the opportunity to unwind and watch the much awaited Tangkhul feature film. People from all walks of life came to watch the newly released movie, queuing for ticket.

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Watch trailer 2:

About the movie

With every minute detail well-documented, Samkhok is an aide-mémoire of a unique indigenous way of life with a touch of the fragile human emotions of love and loss.

Aesthetically set in the backdrop of Ringui Village, Samkhok is woven around the family of a clan chief preparing the Feast of Merit (Maran Kasa), and the quest of the chief to avenge his son’s death. Through them, the movie intricately explores the bonding of a family, the complicacy of land ownership, the custom and rituals of the community and the distinct bond with nature.

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Directed by AC Rinshing under the banner of Miwurlung Production in collaboration with NEFEC, cinematography by Sorenzan Vashum and written by Kahorrei AC, the movie will be also premiere at Delhi in the month of October. Pack with actions, the official trailer of the movie uploaded in YouTube has recieved much views and appreciations from the fans. Some commented that it is the Apolcalypto of Tangkhul.

Watch trailer 1:

Fame fashion illustrator and designer, Easternlight Zimik wrote “we are no doubt among the most creative communities. All we need is support system and channel to sustain all this artistic value.
I have no words to describe how talented all these people are, with the means that we had and resources that we had and the support system that we know… taking all the risk and doing this vision. All the best to the Samkhok team.”

A debut venture for the director and cinematography. The film promised to take viewers to a different level.

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