Ukhrul Town Beautification by young SALIS artists

The second project at Hamleikhong bus stand is inspired from Tarung and Lengcheng. "The idea is to promote and preserve our identity. It is written ‘Ngashan hi Lan na’ to remind ourselves the importance of our identity."

The highest Manipur hill town have seen in recent years budding entrepreneurs launching small scale start-ups in downtown Ukhrul. Several enterprises adapting new ideas have helped see visible signs of improvements not just in modern outlook but in taking the small hill town towards better modern facilities and amenities.

The pandemic, with the crisis it brought, also gave the town the fuel to recharge and reinvent. Unpopularly termed reverse migrants, one of the significant upsides they brought home are the experienced work force, the professionals from different fields and expertise, having contributed to the improved quality of service sector and local businesses.

At the same time, the unplanned township and the weight of rapidly growing population, shrinking of public space in bazaar areas due to growing number of vehicles with pedestrians and residents not having enough space to breath, remains a huge concern. Volunteers are at the job of cleaning the town, which they did with several returnees from cities on December 5th; and beautifying the town as the first order of business.

SALIS (Salt in Latin) team, led by former President, Tangkhul Katamnao Long, Delhi, Sorinthan Haorei, is a young team of artists on the mission to beautifying Ukhrul town.

Sorinthan talking to Ukhrul Times said, “the idea of SALIS is to promote the young artists and also contribute to the town and community through their talent and skills. This I hope will instill them the responsibility of taking care of one’s own town.”

He mentioned that “the artists worked from 6 AM in the morning till late evening with dedication and enthusiasm.”

IMG 20201212 153406

The first project of SALIS at Viewland Baptist Church is named The Angel. Sorinthan explained, “since it is painted in a church I suggested for a religious art. The main idea behind the art is to let the town residents and tourists make use of The Angel winged art in capturing beautiful photo frames of themselves. And the scripture verse ‘…they will soar on wings like eagles’ taken from Isaiah 40:31 is to encourage the people that we can all do better in our lives.” It took the team one week to complete the art, Sorinthan added.

The second project at Hamleikhong bus stand is inspired from Tarung and Lengcheng. “The idea is to promote and preserve our identity. It is written ‘Ngashan hi Lan na’ to remind ourselves the importance of our identity”, Sorinthan said.

Sorinthan Haorei also pointed out his concerns and said “the public should take good care of the art work done. If taken care of as our own property, it will last longer and continue to brighten the town.”

IMG 20201215 194449

Former Ukhrul ADC Chairman, Dr Yaronsho Ngalung provided financial support for the project. Yurreipem Arthur donated a box of spray paint and Viewland Baptist Church provided refreshments for SALIS team. Dr Ngalung has been giving all out effort in cleaning the town by employing over 70 sanitary workers, sweepers, using 3-4 tippers, 4-5 truck drivers to dump the garbage at Ukhrul’s only dumping site, Sorinthan said.

Dr Yaronsho Ngalung expressed his delight with the initiative and said, “ADC would always need cooperation from the public. As a gesture of cooperation, ADC extended financial help to the town cleaning and beautification initiative.” ADC, Ukhrul, Dr Ngalung said, “is ever ready to keep the town the cleanest in Manipur.

It may be noted that Ukhrul was awarded the cleanest town by Manipur State in 2019 and ADC, Ukhrul was awarded the first first prize for its role and initiative.

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Get to know SALIS team:

  1. Soyaphy LA
  2. Themchui Chahongnao
  3. Ningshiyin Ngashangva
  4. Chingmung Raiping
  5. Horngachan Shadang
  6. Wisdom Ramtharnaao
  7. Mazanmung AC
  8. Shanyo Kamkara
  9. Ataoboy
  10. Sorinthan Haorei
IMG 20201215 194737

Photo by SALIS

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