Toward a Just-Peace: Respecting Naga Rights and Dignity

Here is the full speech of Prof Paul Pimomo delivered at the 74th Commemoration of the Naga Independence Day in the webinar organized by...

Forest and Exams: Inside Rural Northeast’s Digital Learning

As the country enters the 5th month of lockdown, online learning has become the new normal for the schools and students across the country....

Nuances of mining plan in Manipur

Mining companies has been involved in surveys and plans to extract the various minerals, primarily Chromite and limestone from Eastern section of Manipur bordering...

The good, the bad and the ugly side of humanity

Opening Remark by Gam A. Shimray at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN Webinar Series Indigenous Peoples and voluntary isolation: when forests...

Claims on Luirim Kachon: A Case of Simplistic Misunderstanding of Culture

“Oksha di nang thongo. Eromba di ei shemke” (You cook pork. I will prepare eromba). Or “Hoksa ina hangkei. Eromba nana semlu” (I will...

Ownership of LUIRIM kachon

Luirim Traditional dresses are emblem of allegiance, marking the person out as belonging to a discrete cultural unit and often indicate a person’s standing...

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