But we’re adults, and we’re bound to pop a bubble or two, but that’s how life is: replacing a blast with a refill.


I call this a regeneration of a flower.

I feel a lot better these days. And I know I should cherish every bit of it because this is the most peaceful I’ve ever felt in ages. Meeting friends, going for road trips with the kins of your heart, parents trusting you with whatever you’re up to. It’s amazing how all these little things could make up bubbles of joy. How did we go from being satisfied with an extra piece of meat on the plate to always finding fault with the new food we try? It’s ironic how the greater the pursuit for happiness results in drawing further from the end goal. The more we chase, the likelier we are to lose it.

Things happen to us at the most unexpected times and our happiest and most genuine moments are hardly captured. I’m glad for technology because that’s the closest way to reliving the good days and feel a second hand experience all over again. While some old pictures could be horridly mortifying, and pathetic to look at, the embarrassment we feel towards some particular phases of ourselves, and what we used to be, some pictures bring out the best and they make me remember some emotions which were so close to happiness that I’d remember those times as happy days. I say that I miss childhood and how simple life used to be. But it’s not the childhood that I miss. It is the full life that I was able to live that I miss. A life in which I didn’t have the brain to think and act like I had to prove myself to own something, when I was unaware of the idea of trying to keep things under my control.

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Without further reasoning I definitely know that if I were to go back to childhood equipped with all my current thoughts, I would wish for time to bring me back to the present in a blink. On the other hand, if the little child was to manifest and take over the present self for a day, she’d be the happiest girl alive. It’s how all the things we see that change us and shape us, and no two individuals could ever be the same and we are little scattered pieces ready to find the closest and most suitable parts of us and create a link to them. And we find life through it, and build joy out of all the struggles. But we’re adults, and we’re bound to pop a bubble or two, but that’s how life is: replacing a blast with a refill.

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