Naga National Council observes 76th anniversary

Chedema: The Naga National Council (NNC) observed the 76th anniversary of its formation at Chedema Peace Camp, near Kohima.

Adinno Phizo the president of NNC said that “It was timely that the Naga Club of the day submitted a memorandum on behalf of the Nagas dated the 10th January, 1929 to the visiting Simon Commission at Kohima, stating “To leave us alone to determine for ourselves as in ancient times.” After this important submission much was not heard in pursuing the matter, she added. 

Phizo said Naga Club was more of a club on social matters.  In the meantime, by the grace of God, A. Z Phizo returned to Nagaland from Burma (Myanmar) and felt the need to immediately organize Nagas as a nation.  As a result, the Naga National Council was formed on the 2nd February, 1946 at the Wokha meeting of the Naga regional leaders.
She said sensing the wave of nationalism across the world in the aftermath of World War 2, NNC felt the urgency to formally declare the age-old Naga Independence to the world, and declared on the 14th August, 1947.

Phizo also said that “To seal and dispel any doubting Thomas on Naga Independence a voluntary Plebiscite was launched on 16th May, 1951. The overwhelming result was 99.9% for Naga Independence. 

The recent killings of 14 precious Naga civilians at Oting village in Mon district and Mon town on 4th and 5th December, 2021 bear enough testimony to the horrific saga of India’s occupation of Nagaland since the 1950s. Such wanton killing takes place under the cover of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 (AFSPA), she added.

“And this ridiculous AFSPA has been extended every six months to Nagaland by the Government of India since 1958. It is absurd to make it appear that Nagas are demanding independence from India. It is crystal clear that Nagas and Indians have no connection historically, racially, socially and politically. In fact, Nagas formally declared its Independence on 14th August, 1947 one day ahead of India’s Independence, she said.

Naga National Council 1

She said Nagas are defending their rightful independence and asking India to withdraw its occupation forces from all Naga territories.

Thepfulhouvi Solo said that the National flag of a nation or an organization is the exclusive property of its owner; it can’t be taken over by others or by army bullets; that is unacceptable under international CopyRight Act or Intellectual Property Right.

“It is unfortunate the NNC flag is alienated from its original Owner. There are many issues the Naga has to peacefully settle with India, it will be done only in the fullness of time of India and of the Naga; it may take generations or centuries or millenniums but it will be one day.  But before that there are several deep underlying issues the Naga has to reconcile with themselves first, Solo said.

Toshinaro Longchar said Nagas are independent. “This conviction is not mere belief. It is born out of some certain historical fact. These are powerful convictions. But this conviction should be connected to the reality of the economic, political, cultural, social and physical lives.”

“In simple words, there are three thing- head, heart and hand. Independence is there in the head and heart but it is not in our hand. The hands are not working with the soil,” she said adding the conviction “our Independence” can only actualise when head, heart and hand work together.”

How can we make this a reality? Where is the Naga  nation in the 21st century? Do we have our own economy to support our nation? What are the challenges and opportunities? What direction do we take, she questioned.

The programme was led by NNC spokesperson Kolezo Chase. 

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