Northeast rappers are spitting out diss tracks and it’s dope!

Borkung Hrangkhawl - "Who's best in the game, you better tell me. It's me, myself and I.... You top 10 rappers ain't nothing compared to me..."

Northeast is right now a rap battleground as the best rappers from the region are spitting out tracks taking a diss at one another. And oh boy! Its dope AF!

We don’t know how it all started, but a little background check – It seems to have started early this year when Borkung Hrangkhawl droped a free verse titled ‘Analyse’ in January 2020.

His free verse starts with words dissing at other hip-hop artist and claiming him to be the best!

“Who’s best in the game, you better tell me. It’s me, myself and I…. You top 10 rappers ain’t nothing compared to me…”

Forward to July, we have G’NIE from Mizoram, with his music video K.O.N.E (King of North East)

“…Im the analyst I analyze your rap and beats. Bars hella weak. Delivered terribly big words put together haphazardly on some SESQUIPEDALIAN shit……”

“….If you the best in the east that be the saddest shit. You know the main ain’t “fit”to even “rep” the east…”

“…Its a competition and I’m in it so I treat the game like the Olympics bro And I don’t want no medal if it isn’t gold G’nie killed the game let it be known he’s Mizo…”

But BK ain’t just gonna let this G’NIE rip him apart. BK come up with his diss track Opposite, where he spit out words dissing at G’NIE, “You are a prettified self proclaim king, with a hidden identity, You’re trying to fool NE. How can you be the king when the throne was never yours to keep”.

“… You got no credibility, but I’ma play you fair and avenge for all the bloods you’ve spilled and restore balance in NE. So the bottom line is you were never and never will be K.O.N.E…”

Enters YELHOMIE from Manipur with his track Nobody from the Northeast. But this time, he took a dig at Rapper Big Deal, propably for his song Binod Star

“…got some names poppin’ up in your head, probably by the name of Big-Deal… I heard you mention all the places in your song, Manipur, Meghalaya, Arunachal, Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Sikkim. But hold up B*tch tell me which part of it do you belong?
….we got the same eyes, but that ain’t mean you can represent us”

And then comes Moko Koza from Nagaland with his song Aladdin, a reply to G’NIE’s K.O.N.E.

“…You ain’t the best in the east, you just one of the best. I’m not the best in the east, But I like a contest”

“…You’re just a con artist, you’re a KON without the E. King of the North. The king who never make it to the next season. You’re Ned Stark from the Games of the Thrones..”

“In this rap game, I’m the only Alladdin. Coz I put this G’nie back into the lamp….”

Moko also took a dig at BK at his Analyse track.
“…I’ve analyzed that analyst. He ain’t on the list to be an analyst”

Are you guys loving these rappers from the Northeast spitting out tracks taking a diss at one another? Leave a comment!

Psssss… Before you complain about them not uniting and taking a dig at one another, relax! these rap artist have high respect for one another! And it’s best explained through Moko Koza’s verse Shoutout to every Northeast rappers keeping the real Hip-Hop scene alive. We taking over. Peace!’

PS: Did we miss out any diss track in between? If so, please let us know in the comment!

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