Pheichon wins Best Film, Khavanpam Mahung – Best Actor, Angel Shimrah – Best Actress title in 2nd TNFA Award 2020

Minister Awangbow Newmai: Tangkhuls are the first among the Nagas to have started filmmaking. It was only after Tangkhul films were produced and came out for public viewing that other Naga communities began making films of their own.


Tangkhul feature film ‘Pheichon’ won the Best Film title in the 2nd Tangkhul Naga Film Association (TNFA) Film Award 2020 during an official ceremony held at TNL Hall here in Ukhrul town on Thursday.

‘Pheichon’, meaning, footprint in Tangkhul, was premiered in New Delhi back in 2018. Produced by Julia Ramror and directed by Nelwin Ahum, the film talks about the struggles and challenges faced by hordes of Tangkhul youngsters in living their dreams and keeping alive their cultural identity in metropolitan cities far away from home.

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The award ceremony was attended by Minister of forest, environment & climate change and sericulture, Awangbow Newmai as chief guest, while HAC Chairman Leishiyo Keishing and Chingai MLA Khashim Vashum as guest of honour and functional president respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Awangbow Newmai observed that the tribal filmdom is slowly advancing, although they are still lagging behind, compared to other communities in the state.

“In this, Tangkhuls are the first among the Nagas to have started filmmaking. It was only after Tangkhul films were produced and came out for public viewing that other Naga communities began making films of their own,” he continued.

“In every journey, there’s a starting point and a destination and we are now on our journey,” Newmai said, referring to the ‘Naga filmdom’ as a growing industry.

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Stressing that film artistes are playing a significant role in the society, he said that they are the ones who embody the good values of the society including its history, culture and lifestyle through the medium of cinema.

He further likened the profession of film artists to that of politicians in certain ways, and stated that it is important for film personalities, too, to create and maintain their public image as a role model in their career.

Addressing the gathering, Leishiyo Keishing, who is also Phungyar MLA, stated that film is the only platform which could accommodate all talented individuals irrespective of their looks and status. “My appeal to all our film artistes is to be professional, and follow their talents with grit and determination,” he said.

In his presidential speech, Chingai MLA Khashim Vashum expressed elation at the progress Tangkhuls have made in the field of filmmaking. Recalling how Tangkhuls started making their films in the days of monochromatic cinematography, he noted that Tangkhul filmdom has come a long way and is on the right track today.

Minister Awangbow, Khashim Vashum and Leishiyo Keishing took turns and handed over the trophies to the 12 winners during the red carpet ceremony.

Among the winners, Khavanpam Mahung won the Best Actor award from ‘Lan Ashee Yur’ movie, while Angel Shimrah got the Best Actress trophy for her performance in ‘Yangyirwon Wui Seiha’ movie.

In the Best Villian and Best Supporting Actor categories, Zion Phungshok
(Lan Ashee Yur movie) and Shaingam Ngakang (Pheichon) walked away with the trophies.

Popular Tangkhul singers Lenin Woleng (Yangyirwon Wui Seiha) and Nimshimphy Muivah (Raimi) received the Best playback singer awards in male and female categories.

In Best Cinematography category, Raikhan Jajo (Mashimit Kapai Meiwon) won the title while Pamshim Rungsung (LAY) received the Best Editing trophy.

Best producer and Best Director titles went to Julius Keishing (Raimi) and Makanmi Ramror (Mashimit Kapai Meiwon) respectively, while Chingya Chawung (Yangyirwon Wui Seiha) won the Best story writer award.

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Mementoes were also presented to veteran filmmakers MK Wungkathing of M Series and Assurance Raikhan of Zingatai Mansingla in recognition of their consistency in film production. M Series has so far produced 32 movies, while Zingtai Masingla has
16 movies to its credit.

It is learnt that the first edition of TNFA Film Award was hosted at Ukhrul town back in 1996.

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