UNPO resolution lauded by Naga Hoho on Wednesday

UT News Service | DIMAPUR, AUG 19: The Naga Hoho has on Wednesday lauded the resolution the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) adopted on August 3, 2020″ in its XV General Assembly, “urging the international community to support and recognize and promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies”.

According to the Naga Hoho, the meeting in plenary session on August 2, 2020, the XV General Assembly of the UNPO took full cognizance, support and acknowledges the Indo-Naga peace process through Resolution No 7 which says, “Supports the peaceful solution for the Indo-Naga issue which is just, long lasting, honorable and acceptable to both the sides; calls upon the international community to appeal to India to fulfil its commitments in the framework agreement; and urges India to repeal acts such as the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and the Disturbed Area Act which overly militarize the situation facing the Naga people”.

The Naga Hoho then said that, while the international community “continues to support and extend solidarity to the Naga people for a just cause, we cannot afford to live in divided houses”.

 The Naga Hoho then appealed to all the “tribal bodies and Naga political groups to bury our differences and come forward to achieve our common goal”. It added, “Unity is strength and no forces on earth can stop the undying spirit of one Naga”.

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