3000 Crore NH projects, Over 300 kms Inaugurated in Manipur

UT News Service | Imphal, Aug 17: Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and MSMEs, Nitin Gadkari on Monday, virtually laid the foundation stone for 13 highway projects and inaugurated a road safety project in Manipur in the presence of Chief Minister N Biren and Union Minister of State (Ind Charge) for Development of North Eastern Region, Dr Jitendra Singh.

Dr Jitendra Singh addressing the function briefly remarked on three important message on the initiative of the Centre government and Manipur government National Highway projects undertaking. First, he reaffirmed that “North East continues to be the priority of the Modi government even in its second term and will receive the same attention that Manipur received in the earlier 5 year term”.

Secondly, he informed that “Infrastructure works continue uninterrupted under Modi’s government whether under corona or no corona”.

Thirdly he indicated that, “this is also in keeping with the call given by Prime Minister Modi when he gave the mandate to National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) mission”, of which he pointed out “Manipur state was the first recipient of the mission” after Modi’s speech in Red Fort, August 15, thanking Nitin Gadkari and CM Biren and their ministers.

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