BJP Manipur chief A Sharda Devi criticizes politicization of the current crisis, blames Congress


Imphal, August 12: Both the ruling and opposition parties in Manipur continue to engage in the blame games and politicisation of the prevailing crisis despite both parties condemning the same. Following recent criticism raised by the Congress party in Manipur against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Parliament monsoon session for lacking concrete plans and steps, BJP Manipur Pradesh on Saturday gave a sharp retort.

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Addressing the media at the BJP Head office (Thambal Shanglen) at Nityapat Chuthek in Imphal, Adhikarimayum Sarda Devi criticized the politicization of the current crisis and placed blame on the 60-year-long regime of the Indian National Congress (INC), alleging that the Congress had a hidden agenda that contributed to the present turmoil. Specifically, she claimed that the Congress, during Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s tenure, allowed Manipur’s Kabow Valley to be given away to Myanmar due to this hidden agenda. She stated that the Congress should acknowledge its past actions as the cause of suffering for the people of Manipur.

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The president of BJP Manipur Pradesh assured the people of Manipur that the BJP is working in accordance with public sentiment and making efforts to restore peace and normalcy in the state. She called for public cooperation in this endeavor. A. Sarda highlighted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his commitment to bringing peace to Manipur in the Parliament. She said that Union Home Minister Amit Shah had visited the state and that the Union Minister of State for Home stayed in Manipur for an extended period to resolve ongoing issues.

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A. Sarda also brought up past conflicts, including the 1992/1993 Naga-Kuki clash, Kuki-Paite clash and the Meitei and Meitei Pangal conflict. She mentioned that the BJP had taken active steps during these conflicts, such as sending a Fact-Finding Team of BJP MPs to Manipur during the Meitei and Meitei Pangal conflict, whose report was presented in the Rajya Sabha and received a response from the Union Home Minister of that time. She emphasized that the BJP’s involvement in addressing the current turmoil surpasses that of the Congress during previous conflicts.

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