Aimol tribe should not be depicted as Kukis: Aimol Tribe Union Manipur

Chandel: The Aimol Tribe Union Manipur has expressed concern and dissatisfaction over the actions of RT Akhel Aimol, who is associated with the Kuki Inpi.

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The union has asserted Akhel Aimol should not attempt to depict the Aimol Tribe as part of the Kuki tribes. They are also planning to convene a meeting to address Akhel Aimol’s behavior, particularly in relation to his identification as the Aimol Tribe President while having ties to the Kuki Inpi.

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During a press briefing at the Manipur Press Club on Monday afternoon, the President of the Aimol Tribe Union Manipur, S. Munthuireng, emphasized that the Aimol Tribe is an indigenous tribal group specific to Manipur. He referred to historical sources, such as page 37 of the Cheitharol Kumbaba, to support the Aimol Tribe’s distinct identity.

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Further Munthuireng expressed disappointment that KKL Secretary L. Munidro who on August 19, reportedly classified the Aimol Tribe as belonging to the Kuki group. He urged Munidro to provide clarification about his statement to avoid negative implications for the Aimol people, particularly considering the ongoing violence between Meitei and Kuki people in the state.

Stating that Aimol tribe is a peace loving minority tribe of Manipur, he appealed to all concerned to stop dragging the community in the ongoing violence.

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