Attempted kidnap of an 8-year-old boy in Ukhrul leaves denizens shocked & alert

Ukhrul: In a horrifying incident of what seemed to be an attempted kidnap of an 8-year-old boy has left residents shaken and worried about the safety of their kids in Ukhrul town.

The incident reportedly happened at the dusk of June 10 at around 4 pm when a boy, Castle Ikror Rephung, son of late Wungnaoshang Rephung and Priscilla Rephung of Mayotang Zone-2, studying in KTL School in 4th standard was returning home from tuition. According to reports, the incident reportedly took place just near his house, not more than 20-30 feet away in a little forest covered with bamboo and trees.

According to reports the man that approached him was tall, had long hair and spoke to him with Tangkhul. Aboy akhashida hivak rafulo! (“Boy, please come here once”). The boy was called away by five men. The kidnappers, as per source, might have or might not have known the fact that they were near the boy’s house.

As per the source, corroborated by the victim, Castle Ikror was led away inside the forest where another man covered his mouth with a handkerchief containing a chloroform type chemical or some knockout drug. Thereupon he was stuffed in a jute sack, the ones typically used for rice bags.

According to reports, Castle Ikror passed out for almost one and a half hours. When he woke up he found himself inside a sack. Panicked and terrified, he started crying and screaming for help. Responding to his cry for help, his sisters went out to search for him following the direction of the cry. The family members reportedly found him struggling in a jute bag with one of his foot out of the bag. The boy told, he still had a very bitter taste in his mouth due to the chemicals they used to knock him out.

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It is reported that the evening the incident took place, there was a worship programme in that locality due to which more people gathered near the victim’s house. According to the locals, the culprits could not have crossed the victims house carrying the bag with the kid inside as it would trigger suspicion. Towards the opposite direction, it leads to a circular road exposed to the whole neighbourhood and shops.

The kidnappers reason for not executing their devious plan is still unknown, but from the preliminary assessment of the locality executives, the culprits might have been waiting for nightfall. Or they were waiting for the right timing with fewer people on the road, and miss-calculating the effect of the knockout drug. Fortunately the boy gained consciousness and was rescued by his own family foiling their devious plan.

The family has filed an FIR report at Ukhrul police station for attempted kidnapping of a minor for further investigation.

In the light of the serious attempted kidnapping matter, the office of the Tangkhul Naga Long issued a directive on Saturday ordering all activities of door to door services like stove sellers, grocery, repairs and other services like scrap metal collectors to terminate their services effective 12th June 2022.

No culprits in the attempted kidnapping of the 8-year-old have been identified and are still at large during the time of filing this report.

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