Century old Naga Club annual general meeting 2021 held at Kohima

Niketu Iralu: “For us at this time of great confusion and destructive division, it means Naga Club members give uniting leadership which requires all to change, starting with ourselves which removes distrust and suspicion because we are honest about our mistakes, failures and wrongdoings and not where others have failed or are wrong."

Kohima: The Naga society must reduce controversies which come from fights over who is right and not what is right. Every concerned citizen of Nagas must appreciate one another and acknowledge the sacrifices and contributions that were made differently, said Peace activist Niketu Iralu.

He was speaking at the Naga Club annual general meeting which was held at AMK Building, Kohima today.

Iralu said one should not underestimate what is achieved. Although Nagaland has not become a republic nor is a member of the UN, he said that there should be no blame game on what has not been achieved. 
Iralu was optimistic that the century -old Naga Club will restore common humanity for the betterment of everyone. With this, he said “For us at this time of great confusion and destructive division, it means Naga Club members give uniting leadership which requires all to change, starting with ourselves which removes distrust and suspicion because we are honest about our mistakes, failures and wrongdoings and not where others have failed or are wrong.”

Delivering the presidential note, Ariyi Neinu, President, Naga Club, appreciated the pioneer and all the well-wishers who made it possible for the club to celebrate the 100th year of its existence in 2018. 

“In our current Naga world, the better option is to seek the truth. The search for truth would furthermore educate us about the history of Naga people and the Naga Club. The search for truth would broaden our knowledge and open dialogue for prudent societal progress rather than harping on a dangerous proposition that can upshoot inconceivable annihilation of our society,” he said.

He said “We have a long history of a pioneering spirit right from the Memorandum of the Naga Club submitted to the Simon Commission on January 10, 1929 and still yearning to build our land into an idyllic place. These pioneering moments now seem monumental, if not impossible, in our current Naga community because of distrust and falsehood.”

He also said that the core values that will help us restore our ultimate community are open expression, courage, humility, generosity and intellectual curiosity. “These values will help us rise above individualism and source us as an agent of positive change, a beginning where societal problems will be addressed.” The societal obligation of each of us is to rebuild our community and ourselves to restore humanity, he added.

“We can no longer carry on our struggle in the traditional sense anymore. Now our struggle is to explore the nature of memory, presentation, representation, imagination, and self-determination. Our struggle has just begun, and we are about to embark on an amazing journey that will pave the way for others and change the landscape of the world around us. This is the future of Naga Club,” he said.

Rüdolie Nagi, Village Council Jotsoma, on behalf of the Nagi clan, land donors for erection of Naga Club Monolith, informed that in 2019 when the Naga Club approached the village Council for a land to erect a monolith for the commemoration of 100 years of the existence of Naga Club, the Nagi clan happily donated the land within the area earmarked for the memorial park of Zasibito Nagi, the first martyr of the Naga National movement, who was murdered by Indian armed forces in Oct 18, 1952 and is commemorate as “Martyr’s Day” by the Naga people. 

Earlier,  the Naga Club Monolith at Lievagei, Jotsoma was commissioned. The monolith was sponsored by Akato Zhimomi & family. Joshua Newmai led the function where Rev. Zakiebinyü Peseyie, Pastor, Baptist Church Jotsoma blessed the monolith with a prayer & dedicated the monolith to the public. MLA Keneizhakho was also in attendance.

Naga Club annual general meeting 2021

The Naga Club souvenir was released by Khyomo Lotha, Former Caretaker, Naga Club.

The programme began with the invocation prayer by Rev. Kiyeto G. Sema, Senior Pastor, SABCK. Meanwhile, the report of the general secretary was presented by K. N. Mhonthung Lotha, General Secretary, Naga Club. While Vixepu Swu, Treasurer, Naga Club presented the finance report.

The Phetsuma Club of Khonoma presented a special folk song, while special music was presented by Laudate Choir, Baptist Church Jotsoma. The session was comperes Sashirenla and N. Gracy Newmai. Vote of thanks delivered by Khiny Woch, Vice President, Naga Club.

During the second session, the Club discussed the point “Strengthening the role of the Naga Club.” Moderator was Robert N. Solo with panelists includes; Jonas Yanthan, Vipralhou Kesiezie, Dr. Zavise Rume, K. Gwanilo Himp, S. Akho Leyri, T. N. Manen, IAS (Retd), Khevito T. Shohe and Visa Meru.

The Report of the Search Committee was delivered by Dr. Viketuolie Pienyu, Convenoe, Search Committee and the Installation of the new team was blessed by Rev. Dr. Vetso Koza, Pastor Chakhesang Baptist Church, Kitsubozou, Kohima.

New team appointed to lead century old Naga Club.

A new team of office bearers headed by Kuolachalie Seyie as president has been installed to the office of the Naga Club during the club’s annual General meeting. 

Dr Viketoulie Pienyü, Convenor of the Search Committee announced that the new Vice Presidents include K John Lohe, Y Vandanshan Lotha, and Visa Meru. The other officials are Mhonthung Lotha as General Secretary, Akho Leyri and Gwanilo Himp as Secretary, Hoshito Assumi as Treasurer, Seyiekuolie Kesiezie as Finance Secretary, and Ariyi Nienu, Pheluopfelie Kesiezie, Khyomo Lotha, Tushi Ao, Vinito L Chishi, and Kewezu Meru as advisors.

The new team will lead the club from 2021-24.

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