Consultative meet on role of youths in nation building held

Ukhrul: A one day consultative meet on the role of youths in nation building was held at Ukhrul Town hall on Wednesday.

More than 800 concerned denizens attended the meeting, including Tangkhul CSOs, youths, pastors from Ukhrul District, Kamjong District and Imphal.

The meeting began with a blessing from Rev. Mayonsing Ngalung, Pastor Viewland Baptist Church. Wungchipem Mahung and Chairin Ronra were the moderators. Keynote address was given by Somatai Machinao , President TMNL.

In his short speech, Col Retd Chinaoyo Kachui, CAO, WTR encouraged the youth and everyone present to stay united and contribute with all their capabilities.

Speaking at the meeting Gen. Ningkhan Shimray, MC, VC and Coordinator Indo-Naga Peace Talk said, “I am not a leader, I am still a follower”. Citing a story of an 80 year old man who planted a fruit tree and was mocked by the younger generation saying that he will not get to eat the fruit he had planted, Gen. Ningkhan said that he is going to sow the seeds of the future. “Plant the seed of the future because you are the representative of the future. No force on earth can stop you”, he urgeed the youth.

Ngas, without committing to Christ and without having the heart to live or die for Christ, can never be a freedom fighter, Gen Ningkhan asserted.

He emphasized on the synergy teamwork of Christ. “Jesus Christ, the Son of God, when He came to earth, he chosed twelve disciples even though He could do everything by Himself”, he said. Jesus knows who will betray Him, still he choosed the person. God has a different purpose. “For God sees not as men sees but God sees the heart”, he said.

Consultative meeting ukhrul

“If I carry the cause of the nation, the kingdom of God and the vision of Christ, I can never be at lost. But I stand on the promises of God; I hold the vision of Christ. There is something much more than the movement for freedom, which is the kingdom of Christ, Gen Ningkhan added.

When we are rooted in the calling and purpose of God, it is enough. No one can stop the plan of God. No one can shut the door God has opened for us. “Focus on what God is doing for us”, he said.

Then he continued to talk about the Israelite, in the Bible, where God fought for them (Numbers 22). King Balak of Moab offered Balaam, the prophet, to curse Israel but he blessed them instead as dictated by God and he answered to King Balak, “How can I curse the people whom God had blessed? They are already blessed.” Likewise, he said we are blessed people. “God is fighting for us, while we were sleeping”, he added.

Special numbers was presented by well known Tangkhul singers, K. Yursari Ngalung and Oshim SW.

Refreshment was provided, followed by interaction on the Indo-Naga peace process.

The meeting ended with a blessing from Rev. Remember Rimai, Pastor UBC, UKhrul.

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