DIR, Education (S) Manipur Issues Circular To Schools On Viral Conjunctivitis


Imphal: Directorate of Education (Schools) Manipur has issued advisory in the wake of Viral Conjunctivitis outbreak in the state. L Nandakumar Singh, Director of Education-Schools Manipur today issued a circular for all the schools in Manipur to follow while dealing with Epidemic Viral Conjunctivitis.

As per the circular, if one or two students are infected with conjunctivitis in a school, the infected student may be given leave for 10 days. If three or more students are infected in a class in school, then the whole class may be closed for 10 days. If three or more students are infected in three or more different classes, the school may be closed for 10 days.

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In case of hostels, if any inmate of the hostel is infected, the inmate may be sent home for 10 days, if more than three inmates are infected in a hostel, the hostel may be closed for 10 days. Both students and teachers are encouraged to follow proper hand washing practices.

‘Proper safety measures should be taken to control the spread of the viral conjunctivitis among the school going population at the school level which will go a long way in controlling the epidemic at the state level,’ it stated.

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