Get to know: Hopingson A Shimray, 43-Phungyar (ST) A/C


PARTY: Bharatya Janata Party (BJP)

MOTTO: ”Together, for everyone’s growth with everyone’s trust.”

OBJECTIVE: (i) Working towards overall upliftment and empowerment for an inclusive development of Manipur (ii) To earnestly strive for peace and harmony among the various communities of Manipur and Northeast India.


Place of birth : Marou village, Ukhrul-795142, Manipur-India
Date of birth : 1st March 1959
Marital status : Married-wife with one son and two daughters
Father’s Name : (L) Sotalung A. Shimray
Mother’s Name: (L) Zamthingla A. Shimray
Phone : +919862705129 | +918403867556
Email :


Master Degree : History (Modern) from Center of Historical Studies (JNU New Delhi) in 1981
Graduation : Union Christian College (UCC) in 1978, NEHU Shillong, Meghalaya
Pre University : DM College of Arts and Commerce,1976
Class X : Churachand High School Imphal, 1974


  • UPSC Exam: Passed Combined Civil Service (CSE) exam in 1988 and joined as Indian Railways Accounts Services (IRAS). Services in ascending chronological order are:
  • Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer (F&B): HQ Guwahati June 2015 till Apr. 2016. (Voluntarily retired).
  • Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer (WST): HQ Guwahati Apr.2009 till Jun. 2015
  • Dy. Chief Accounts Officer (General): HQ Guwahati from Apr. 2004 till Mar. 2009
  • Dy. Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer: Diesel Components Works at Patialia Punjab from Sept 2000 till Apr. 2004.
  • Dy. Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer (Construction): Jan 1996 to Sept 2000.
  • Divisional Finance Manager (DFM): Tinsukia1992-1995.
  • Junior Accounts Officer (JAO): HQ Guwahati 1989-1991.
  • MPSC Exam: Passed Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) exam in 1984 and served as Sub-Deputy Collector (SDC) from 1984 till 1989, posted in Lungchong Maiphai (stationed at Ukhrul).

Teacher: Alice Christian High School in 1982.
Honorary Lecturer: Chandel Morning College in 1981-82.


Educational Background:
Born on 1st March 1959 at Marou Village then in Ukhrul District in a humble family whose parents were jhum cultivators. Shri. Hopingson A. Shimray has one elder brother and two younger sisters. Marou being a small village having about 15 households at that time attended his initial education from the village primary school up to class II. Thereafter, in order to pursue higher classes
he had to leave his family and parents and got himself admitted in Ukhrul Model High in 1967 in class III and studied up to class V in the same school. In search of better school for Class VI and VII he studied in Sacred Heart High School, Hundung, while class VIII was completed at Sirarakhong Ruichumhao Memorial High School, for class IX and X he studied at Churachand High School

What is worth mentioning is that all along from class III up to pre university (PU), he was studying outside the village, fetching rations from time to time from home carrying them on rucksack, fetching firewood from the jungles, collecting water from drinking water ponds all by himself including cooking and cleaning the houses wherever he was staying as a student tenant in the rented houses.

He graduated from Union Christian College, Barapani, Meghalaya in 1978 with honors in history as the first person to have passed Bachelor of Arts (BA) from among his villagers. The village hosted feast inviting the neighboring villages as a celebration of his grand achievement of graduation.

Right after his graduation, he intended to pursue Post Graduation from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi but could not do so as the graduation result of NEHU was announce much later after the closure of admission time in JNU. During his study break he was invited by the neighboring Lungphu village to help as teacher in the private school being run by the village with a
provision of one tin of rice and Rs. 150/- as a salary per month (1978 Aug-1979 May). In the year 1979, he got admission and completed Master of Arts (MA) in Modern Indian History in 1981 from Jawaharlal Nehru University .


He began his professional service as private school teacher at Lungphu Primary school run by the Lunphu village authority during 1978 Aug-1979 May. He also taught as substitute teacher in Adim Jati High School, Imphal for a period of three months (July-Sept 1981). Thereafter, he was invited to teach in Chandel Morning College as honorary lecturer for five months (Oct-1981-Feb 1982). In
the year 1982, he was appointed as a high school teacher in Alice Christian High School, Ukhrul when the school was first upgraded from junior high school (class VIII) to high school (class IX and X).

State Service Exam: He passed Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) exam in 1984 and served as Sub-Deputy Collector (SDC) from 1984 till 1989, posted in Lungchong Maiphai (stationed at Ukhrul).

UPSC Exam: Passed Combined Civil Service (CSE) exam in 1988 and joined as Indian Railways Accounts Services (IRAS). Services in ascending chronological order are:

  • Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer (F&B): HQ Guwahati June 2015 till Apr. 2016. (Voluntarily retired).
  • Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer (WST): HQ Guwahati Apr.2009 till Jun. 2015
  • Dy. Chief Accounts Officer (General): HQ Guwahati from Apr. 2004 till Mar. 2009.
  • Dy. Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer: Diesel Components Works at Patialia Punjab from Sept 2000 till Apr. 2004.
  • Dy. Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer (Construction): Jan 1996 to Sept 2000.
  • Divisional Finance Manager (DFM): Tinsukia1992-1995.
  • Junior Accounts Officer (JAO): HQ Guwahati 1989-1991.


Manipur Tribal Students Union Delhi:
While pursuing Master Degree from Jawaharlala Nehru University, he was elected General Secretary of Manipur Tribal Students Union Delhi and the main activity of the union was attending to the various student related issues such as college admission of tribal students coming from Manipur, finding suitable rented houses (non-hostellers) in Delhi, and the scholarship issues.

Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS) (Tangkhul Student Union) 1983-1984:
Shri Hopingson A. Shimray was unanimously elected as the General Secretary of TKS in May 1983 and served till 1984. The main activity was concentrated on arresting rapid deforestation, namely rampant felling of trees for commercial purpose by timber merchants. Besides, being the apex student union of the Tangkhul community, TKS also took up activities like monitoring the
educational aspects; focusing on better quality education for the upcoming students. The union conducted seminars for students, felicitated meritorious students including award programmes from time to time.

Tangkhul Katamnao Long (Tangkhul Student Union) Guwahati 1996:
After joining the Indian Railway Account Service (IRAS) and during his posting at Maligoan Guwahati, NF railway headquarter as Deputy Financial Advisor & chief Accounts Officer (Dy. FA & CAO), the Tangkhul Students Union Guwahati was organized and established under his initiative with the main objective to enable the students to pursue their studies sincerely under the guardianship of the elders who are residing in Guwahati city. Besides giving advises and career guidance by the elders to the young Tangkhul students coming from Manipur from time to time all the students themselves were also made to acquaint each other through fresher’s meet functions and parting social gathering of the students.

Tangkhul Welfare Society Guwahati from July 2011 till Apr. 2016:
He was the first Chairman of this society which was established to carry out various welfare activities relating to tangkhul community residing in Guwahati city. This society extended assistance to serious patients in different hospitals and providing coffins to the death cases. It also organized cultural festivals such as Luira Phanit (seed sowing festival), Mangkhap phanit and other traditional festivals in tune with people back at home in ukhrul dist. Manipur.

Tangkhul Naga Long (Tangkhul Naga Apex Body) from November 2018 to September 2021:
On 8th of November 2018, Shri. Hopingson A. Shimray was elected as the President of the Tangkhul Apex body unanimously uncontested and unopposed. It may be mentioned that Tangkhul community consists of 232 registered villages under Tangkhul Naga Long and the organization is traditional, customary and non-political highest body of the Tangkhul Naga Tribe. It may be recalled that in 1926, Tangkhul Education Union Fund was established and later became as Tangkhul Long in 1947 where it was finally renamed as Tangkhul Naga Long in the year 1986. Each tangkhul villages was a republic villagpPe, isolated from each other at that time. TNL was form with the objective of uniting all the villages under one umbralla organisation by breaking the
barriers of isolaiton and building them under common custom and tradition.

Achievements made as a TNL President:
Prevented the Kukis from celebrating its centenary which may create ethnic violence and harm the harmonious relationship between Kukis and Nagas in Manipur.
Sinakeithel a Tangkhul village is surrounded by 13 Kuki villages which is therefore very sensitive and communal clash could have taken place any moment where two SInakeithel village youths death bodies were found at the village gate. TNL intervened and took up the issue along with the other Tangkhul CSOs so that the rule of law prevails and to book the culprit by meeting the hon’ble
Chief Minister of Manipur and subsequently prevented communal violence. The issue of inter village clash between Chassad and Kamjong was intervened and settled (March, 2020). There was a Possibility of communal clash where people alleged that the houses of Chassad

village was set into fire by Tangkhuls. Rather it was a clash of two villages. The issue was intervened and settled by TNL under his leadership
Numbers of public rallies and prayer programs were organized for early honorable and acceptable peaceful conclusion of the ongoing peace talk between NSCN (IM) and GOI.
Talks were held and agreeable peaceful solutions were brought about through negotiations on various volatile incidents involving NSCN Cadres and Assam Rifles at Sihai village, Kangoi village and Kangkum village. In all these incidents possible arm clashes between the two parties were peacefully resolved.
On 25th Feb 2021, a convention declaring war on poppy plantation and drugs was held in which all the hill leaders (men and women) of 33 tribes of Manipur state attended. Honorable Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh was the Chief Guest. Shri Hopingson A. Shimray was one of the main speaker on the occasion. All the Tangkhul CSOs led by TNL took a decision to stop the cultivation of poppy plantation. The campaign is still ongoing.
Various non-political programs and cultural activities were conducted during his tenure like Luira Phanit (seed sowing festival) and Mangkhap Phanit that strengthens the society at large.
During his tenure as the President of the apex body (TNL), he also attended as the Chief Guest of the cultural festival at Mapum village, Longpi village, Hoome village and Longpi village. As mentioned, these strengthen the culture and tradition ties of the Tangkhul at large.
Numerous disputes on inter village, tribal rights, marriage issues were settled through customary laws which the four Longphang (Zonal court) could not settle.
The birth anniversary of Major Bob Khathing Raleng, an Indian soldier, civil servant and diplomat and the first person of tribal origin to serve as an Ambassador of India was celebrated in collaboration with the Assam Rifles (the oldest paramilitary force of India 1835) for peaceful coexistence and good relationship with Army. Shri. Hopingson A. Shimray, President TNL attended as the Chief Guest of the function.


Sincere : His involvement as a leader or follower in any organization has proven that he handled and performed all his duties with seriousness and sincerity.
Peace Loving : As mentioned, Shri Hopingson A. Shimray is a peace loving person. He does not hesitate to intervene as mediator when any problems arise like inter village, inter community, inter tribe and to the level of state and others. His intervention always resulted a peaceful negotiations and settlement as he work for peaceful co-existence irrespective of any community.
Mature : His maturity is ascertained as he always focused on opinion of the people first when there is any problem or issue, also settled the issues considering that solutions are acceptable for everyone.
Humble : He is a man who always deal people in humble manner. His presence gives a friendly environment.
Experienced : As an experienced leader, Shri. Hopingson A. Shimray’s participation always concluded and prevented violence and hatred.
Generosity : Moral and financial supports given to the needy students whose parentscould not support in and around.


(Why Hopingson A Shimray should be given BJP ticket for the 43-Phungyar AC in the upcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly Election- 2022)

  1. Winning election requires the majority support of the electorate in the Constituency. Major factors why Hopingson A Shimray is the most prospective candidate in the upcoming election is described below.
  2. PUBLIC SUPPORT BASE: Hopingson A Shimray was devotedly working for Tangkhul community as President of the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL). TNL is the highest community based traditional body which endeavors to safeguard, promote, and uphold traditions, culture, customary beliefs, and practices having its own written constitution and customary laws. President TNL is considered as the FIRST CITIZEN of the Tangkhul community and hence he is a well-known prominent person in the community. By virtue of the post, he is respected and honored by all. Although the post of Presidentship of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) is an elected post, he was elected consensually uncontested by the whole community in November 2018. As President, he has displayed his leadership qualities, character and above all his love for the people through the various activities TNL has taken up under his leadership. His tenure of three years in TNL was marked by various activities promoting peace and harmony within the community among the villages and other different communities in the state.
    (i) As a peace-loving leader, he was instrumental in diffusing volatile inter community situation when tension built up in October 2019 on account of Kuki community proposed erection of Memorial stone by every Kuki village inscribing thereon “in commemoration of 100 years Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919 in defense of our ancestral land and freedom”. This proposed event was vigorously opposed and objected by Naga community and immediately sought the intervention of State Government, as result of which the possible violent conflagration was diffused peacefully.
    (ii) Another incident when Chassad Kuki village was completely burnt down in March 2020, there was very possibility of escalating the inter-village (one Kuki and one Tangkhul) issue into an inter community (Tangkhul versus Kuki) issue. But due to immediate intervention of Hopingson A Shimray by giving out public appeals and clarifications through press conference and in print media stating the fact that it was only an incident of two villages involving one Kuki and one Tangkhul village and such incident should not be allowed to be snowballed into inter-community issue, the highly vulnerable situation was peacefully contained without further violent escalation, thanks to timely intervention also by the state government.
    (iii) As recent as August 2021, a huge tension gripped the people in and around Sinakeithel village (Ukhrul District) when dead bodies of two person of the Sinakeithel village were found to have dumped nearby the village gate. Immediately, TNL along with all the CSOs visited the village and made a clear appeal to the people in the area to remain calm and peaceful and at the same time appealing the State Govt to arrest the culprits immediately. It was due to persistent appeal of the CSOs led by TNL that, the matter was resolved peacefully without causing violence between villages and communities at the instance of Hon’ble Chief Minister Govt of Manipur.
    (iv) As leader of the community, Hopingson A Shimray also took up unprecedented activities like organizing all Tangkhul Churches/villages leaders’ fasting prayer meeting for early peaceful conclusion of Naga peace talk acceptable to both the parties. In September 2019, such a community level fasting prayer was conducted under TNL, inviting all groups of churches and villages which was attended by more than 3000 church and village leaders.
    (v) Hopingson also actively associated with United Naga Council Manipur (UNC) and Naga Hoho and took keen interest on all issues concerning peace and harmony amongst the Naga community in Manipur and beyond.
    (vi) All CSOs of Ukhrul and Kamjong led by TNL have taken decision to stop poppy plantation and the campaign thereof is going on aggressively. Hopingson A Shimray was one of the main speakers besides the Hon’ble Chief Minister in the Convention of all 33 hill tribes held on 25th Feb 2021 at Budhachandra Open Air Theater (BOAT) Imphal on “war against poppy plantation and drugs” and a solemn pledge was taken by all the 3 leaders to fight against the danger. He resigned from this highest social position as he decided to participate in the upcoming general election 2022.
    (vii) Social activities as Student leader:
    (a) During his Post Graduation studies in JNU New Delhi, he was elected as General Secretary of All Manipur Tribal Students Union Delhi in 1980, as a student leader Hopingson also took up various issues such as irregularities in implementation of reservation quota for tribal students in the colleges and hostel accommodations in Delhi. Another issue taken up with the concern authorities was undue delay in
    disbursement of post matric scholarships to the tribal students in various colleges and Universities in Delhi.
    (b) In the year 1983 to 1984 he was elected as General Secretary of Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS, Apex student body of Tangkhul community). Among many other issues during his tenure TKS took up the environmental issues due to rapid deforestation by rampant felling of trees for commercial purpose. Awareness
    campaign was launched by visiting village to village where heavy logging of timber was taking place.
    (c) Community service while in Service: After joining the central service and posted at Guwahati, he was instrumental in founding Tangkhul Students Union Guwahati in 1996, Tangkhul Welfare Society Guwahati (TWSG) and served as the first Chairman of TWSG from 2011 to 2016. In his tenure as chairman of TWSG the first Manipur Naga seed sowing festival known as “Lui Ngai Ni” was organized in Guwahati under his initiative where all the Manipur Naga tribes residing in Guwahati participated enthusiastically. To have a better structure and organization for the Tangkhul student community residing in Guwahati, he initiated the TSUG to collect Tangkhul census and maintain data base of the students as well as the families. From time-to-time career guidance for the benefit of students were organized jointly by the students and Tangkhul Welfare Society Guwahati. At his initiative a policy decision was taken that whenever unfortunate incidence of death case occurs amongst the Tangkhul people in Guwahati, the community should bear all the expenses.
  4. EXPERIENCED AND QUALIFICATION: It will not be wrong to say that Hopingson A Shimray is a well experienced and qualified person both in terms of professional as well as social services.
    Professional: He passed the exam conducted by Manipur Public Service commission (MPSC) exam in 1984 and got into MCS grade II service. He worked as a sub deputy collector from 1984 – 1989 i.e., till he joined into Indian Railway Account Services in 1989 after clearing the combined civil service exam (UPSC). As an IRAS officer he worked in various capacities at several places in North-East India and outside. He finally took voluntary retirement from service in 2016 while holding the post of Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts officer
    Northeast Frontier Railways, Guwahati purposely with the intention to serve the people through electoral politics.
  5. MASSIVE PARTY SHIFT: Hopingson A Shimray also commands massive supporter base across different political parties in the district of Kamjong particularly Phungyar constituency. After availing voluntary retirement in April 2016, he had extensively toured and visited every village covered under 43 Phungyar constituency and interacted with the villagers with the aim of contesting the 2017 Assembly election. But for the interference of extra constitutional elements, he could not take part and had to withdraw at the 11th hour despite massive support he commanded. It is a fact that there are number of veteran NPF village leaders who have been overlooked by the present NPF MLA of the constituency and hence disgruntled with the incumbent and are ready to shift their support in the event of Hopingson A. Shimray joining Bharatya Janata Party. Following the trend of Congress leaders joining BJP in the state and at national level, there are many seasoned district and village level congress party leaders and workers ready to shift their allegiance to BJP along with him, if ticket is awarded to Hopingson A Shimray.
  6. HUMBLE, MATURE AND SINCERE: Born in a humble cultivator family in a small village called Marou he read upto 2nd standard in the village’s only primary school. From 3rd standard upto 12th standard he studied in various schools staying in private rented houses practically living all by himself including cooking, fetching water, cleaning shoes, washing clothes. It is only after leaving higher secondary school he had the luxury of availing the hostel facilities. Through the experience of various social services rendered by Hopingson A Shimray he is inherently desirous of rendering social service to the community right from his student days and is well experienced in the functioning of Government departments. Further it is clear that he is an advocate of peace and harmony not only within his community but amongst various communities in the state.

    Thus, it is with certainty that Hopingson A Shimray deserves to be considered for BJP Ticket and if ticket is allotted to him for the 43-Phungyar AC in the upcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly election-2022, the mass electorate will surely support and vote for him.

    Download his Biodata here
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