International Women’s Day celebrated at Phungyar

Celebrating the International Women’s Day on Monday, Phungyar Higher Secondary School organised essay and drawing competitions on the year’s theme ‘Choose to Challenge‘. The topics and categories of the competitions were designed to advocate emancipation of women and to challenge the social structure that undermines the position of women in our society.

Reportedly “the outcome of the competition was wonderful”. Students who took part in the competitions made “impressive” contributions by connecting the theme with “their ideas” through essays and drawings. Winners of the competitions were adjusted by a jury of experts.

Senior Drawing Winners

Junior Drawing Winners

Essay: Lived experiences of a woman in my village

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A village woman is humble, gentle and kind. Women try everything to support her family.

In my village there was a woman named Chanreiphy, who had two sons and four daughters. They lived happily but the father wanted one more son and forces her to give birth to a baby boy. Five months later she gave birth but unluckily it was a girl and after giving birth she passed away. So the eldest daughter and second among the siblings named Ranmichon and her blind grandmother adopted her younger brothers and sisters.

After two years later the youngest sister also passed away. When Ranmichon reached fifteen her grandmother also passed away. The hopeless girl had to work very hard every day to support her younger ones. When she reached 17years, her eldest brother got married to the Headman’s daughter.

After few years, Ranmichon also got married to Phangam who was from a poor family. Her husband and she worked very hard to live comfortably. She was blessed with four sons. Six later she finally gave birth to a girl. After one year her daughter passed away too. Her life was full of sorrow and tears. Two years later her husband Phangam passed away leaving his wife and his family alone. She worked very hard to make her eldest son Ngachonmi study.

She put more and more efforts to support her family. After 10 years her eldest son Ngachonmi finnaly became a doctor and they lived happily ever and after.

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