Kanpatliu Kamei’s death, a case of negligence

Senapati: The death of the 20 year old pregnant woman, Kanpatliu Kamei who died after having denied medical treatment at five different hospitals and health cares in Imphal, suggest negligence, prompting the state government to order an investigation.

Accounts of this unfortunate ordeal from family relatives, reveals that she along with her husband, Roshan Balang had reportedly moved to her parental home at Makuilongdi as her delivery date got nearer. The ailing Kanpatliu was brought to the District Hospital, Senapati on August 5 at around 4 pm for delivery. Doctors at the hospital said that Kanpatliu’s family tried to deliver the baby at their village home before they decided to bring her to Senapati, District Hospital.

Having admitted to the hospital, Kanpatliu reportedly complaint of pain in abdomen and not able to feel the baby’s movement since the previous day. Casualty doctor reportedly took ultrasound at casualty ward and found there was no fetal heart rate referring to case of Intrauterine fetal death (IUFD). The same was reportedly explained to the husband, and her attendants in the hospital while at Senapati.

They were informed about the pelvic examination and had told them about the borderline where she would be observed for progress of labour and if no progress were found, would be referred to Imphal. This was reportedly agreed by the husband along with other attendants at Senapati District Hospital. Having found no progress for delivery, the doctor on duty had reportedly discussed the situation with Roshan Balang and relatives at around 9 pm on August 5.

On request from Roshan and other relatives, the doctor on duty reportedly had referred the patient to Imphal to treat any complicacy if there be. The patient’s team reportedly reached JNIMS Hospital, Imphal at around 12:30 am midnight. However, to their dismay, medical staff at the hospital reportedly denied treating her even on emergency. Kanpatliu had with her Covid-19 negative result certificate.

Denied admission at JNIMS, she was later reportedly taken to RIMS, Imphal where admission was denied including Imphal Hospital and two other private health care even after the medical team on duty were made known of the critical condition of the patient. As a last resort, the patient was reportedly taken to Shija Hospital, Langol where the ill fated Kanpatliu breath her last at around 4 am in front of the entrance before they approached the hospital authorities.

Family members have termed the death of Kanpatliu as a result of complete negligence of the medical staffs where they were denied to treat the ill fated patient, calling it irresponsible and inhuman act.

In a latest development in hearing of the sad incident, the Jt. Secretary, Health & FW, Government of Manipur on Thursday evening constituted an Enquiry committee to look into the incident leading to the death of Mrs Kanpatliu Kamei. The committee consists of Dr. H. Babychand, Addl. Director (Plg), Medical Directorate, Lamphel as the chairperson and Dr. Y. Premchandra, Dy. Director, (PH), Medical Directorate, Lamphel as it’s member. The Enquiry committee is to submit the findings within a period of one week to the Health Department, and all concerned Hospitals shall extend corporation to the Enquiry, the order said.

Correspondent from Senapati

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