Luingam Shimrei’s debut single, Mahuithei is out

Luingam R Shimrei’s debut single, Mahuithei is out on YouTube. The lyrics of this song is written by Shonreiyo Raman and Rihormung Keishing while the single is composed by Luingam Ronra Shimrei. The tangkhul song is translated into English by Themreiso A Shatsang.

Sound mixing, videography and editing is done by the multi talented, Reisang Shimray recorded at CAPITAL CITY RECORDS, DELHI.

Luingam is from Phalee. Follow him on Instagram and Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Here is the lyrics for you to sing along, Mahuithei:

Hey lashiyo! Yangda makhuima (Hey pretty woman! Mesmerising is your beauty)

Tālāk kahai thai ngashān kha, (Looks like you are way out of my league)

Kha yarsho kachihan masuitāma (Even so, I am not deterred)

kaja ningmāng maning nali kakahao (Cause this is not an infatuation)

Kha wuklung tongchaoda kahao. (But a longing of a true heart)

Khaminna mahuithei wui machu na morchai (Like a ripened bayberry are your lips)

Mik eina katheimāng mapen (My eyes can’t get enough of it)

Nala ringkapha theira, na wuklung Iwuivāng khalān thang! (You will burst with joy the day you open your heart to me!) Hey lashiyo! Kahaoser nali (Hey damsel! Every man desires you)

Khuirei khuirā, gahā matei (Like the honey bees run for blossoms)

Nawuili raputa ngasām ngaiser. (Men yearn to rest their hearts on you)

Yarshowui malung kachāng matheimi (But you care not about their impatient hearts) Ākhamang kachiyali honda (As you wait for your one true love)

Samphang rano nawui kakahao (I hope you get what you wish for)

Samphang ngai Iwui kakahaola (Even as I dream to have you)

Ngasāngai na Iwui kuihon (And take you as my crown)

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