Manipur Meitei Civil body’s VP allegedly trashed by Arambai Tenggol members; AT Chief disagree


Imphal: Arambai Tenggol members reportedly assaulted the Vice-President of Federation of Civil Society Organisations (FOCS) Manipur B.M Yaima Shah at Arambai Tenggol Office in Kwakeithel on Wednesday. He was rushed to Public Hospital & Research Institute, Hatta Minuthong with complains of breathing difficulties.

Condemning the attack on a member of a Civil Body, President of FOCS Manipur Th. Manihar demanded apology to their Vice President BM Yaima Shah from Arambai Tenggol latest by 4PM on Friday. FOCS Manipur also demanded return of Rs. 30,000 in cash, a Watch and Glasses belonging to BM Yaima Shah, which were allegedly taken away by the Arambai Tenggol members by 4PM today (Thursday). FOCS Manipur cautioned that Arambai Tenggol would be declared as looters if they failed to meet their demands.

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According to alleged victim B.M Yaima Shah, he visited Arambai Tenggol Unit Office at Kwakeithel yesterday upon getting news that some people including his younger brother had been picked up by Arambai Tenggol members for digging earth illegally from the Heibok Ching. B.M Yaima Shah said he went to Arambai Tenggol Office to ask forgiveness for his brother and even identified himself as FOCS Manipur Vice-President, but they paid no heed and started thrashing him without giving him any chance to explain himself.

On the other hand, Arambai Tenggol Chief Korounganba Khuman denied the allegations charged by FOCS Manipur and clarified the matter on his Facebook live video. He denied taking away anything— cash or whatsoever from FOCS Vice-President BM Yaima Shah. Korounganba accused him of being involved in carrying our illegal quarrying activities at Heibok Ching. He said, BM Yaima Shah had come for a dialogue at Arambai Tenggol Office as a culprit. He said, one member of FOCS called Ningtamba had failed to identify BM Yaima Shah as Vice President of FOCS in a telephonic conversation. So, BM Yaima Shah was lightly thrashed for his illegal activities but he started complaining of dizziness so the AT members let him go with a word of advise.

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Condemning FOCS Manipur leaders for their media statements, Korounganba said Arambai Tenggol works genuinely for the welfare of the state. He stressed that Arambai Tenggol members have laid down their lives while safeguarding Manipur’s integrity.

The Chief also added that Arambai Tenggol with a genuine intention to protect the sacred shrine located on the Heibok Ching, has been urging the relevant MLA and Forest Department to ban quarrying activities at the hill but the relevant authorities have failed in their duties. Korounganba admitted that thrashing an elderly person goes against Meitei community’s culture but at the same time disagreed with the demand for apology.

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