MLA Khashim Vashum Inaugurates Miphai Tang; Lays Foundation of Eco-Tourism Destination

The new locality is inhabited by 50 households and settlement had started since last year. LM sub-division is located between Phalee and Teinem Village.

Ukhrul: Khashim Vashum, MLA 45-Chingai AC (ST), inaugurated Miphai Tang, Phalee village and laid foundation of Eco-Tourism Destination at Koirer Anyee, Lungchong Miphai, Division Ukhrul, Manipur on Saturday.

The new locality is inhabited by 50 households and settlement had started since last year. LM sub-division is located between Phalee and Teinem Village.

A Wungreingam, headman Phalee village, made the declaration of new settlement.

Jessami Village Council chairman, Soraphung chairman, Teinem chairman, Ngainga chairman, Talloi headman, Kuingaii headman, Phalee headman, Former ADC member Lawrence, EM Kapangpam, EM Thanchipem, EM Khayinghor, well wishers and the villagers were present in the program.

A Wungpam, vice chairman Phalee village said that MLA Khashim Vashum had provided machineries including JCP for undertaking earthwork and road construction for two months. Expressing his gratitude to Khashim Vashum for his contribution, A Wungpam wished the MLA the best in his ministry.

Khashim Vashum in his address urged the residents of the newly inaugurated locality to encourage, support and promote each other and make it a beautiful place to live in.

“Let it be inked in the history that this is purely locality and that there is village under whose it should co-exist. With clear cut principle and mission, may the resident settle.” Furthermore, he said that the LM Sub division has potential to become like a town, giving massive population of literate and good natured people. “Sooner or later it will emerge at the best spot”, he added.

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MLA Khashim had assured the residents that he will give one syntax each, in addition he will provide 10 quail of water pipe for the locality, which according to him, was purchased in advance to look into their construction of fellowship building.

He added that the LM Sub division could emerge as a tourist hotspot destination so the area was put into tourism map with small investment and this small step is a window towards larger picture and would not be a waste. “God has blessed the district bountifully, it all depends on how people utilize the rich resources”, he said.

Taking about the road development, Khashim said that he didn’t see black topped road on Sagolmang area when he first joined electoral political. Recently, Teinem to Changta road has seen black topped, Maichon to Somdal road has also been improved.

The program was moderated by Thotyo Ramshan. Invocation and blessing was given by Rev Yangmaso, Pastor PNBC and A Wungmathot, Asst Pastor pronounced the benediction.

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