Moyon Naga Students’ Union Condemns Defamatory Circular, Demands Immediate Action


Chandel: The Thiimzih Teen Bujuur Ruwrkheh (TTBR), the Moyon Naga Students’ Union, has expressed shock and strong displeasure over what it says, “an attempt to tarnish the Moyon tribe’s image and integrity.” The TTBR strongly condemned a circular issued by a “dubious organization named Chingburoi Tamburoi Apunba Lup, dated July 3, 2024, which contains alleged findings from a “Fact Finding Team’s Report on the Manipur Crisis” under the name of Kenny Roel, purportedly a member of the Moyon tribe.”

The circular TTBR said, “contains offensive and misogynistic character assassination attempts against the MLA of the 41-Chandel Assembly Constituency and audaciously maligns the Moyon tribe.”

The name Kenny Roel, purportedly from the Roel clan, was reportedly picked from social media to create panic and communal tension within the Naga community, particularly targeting the Moyon tribe, during this precarious time in Manipur, said the condemnation note.

The TTBR clarified that the person named “Kenny Roel” from Chingburoi Tamburoi Apunba Lup is not related to any Moyon individual, particularly not to any social media accounts named Kenny Roel. “This misuse of a Moyon name to further politically charged propaganda and character assassination by a self-serving organization is seen by the TTBR as a deliberate attempt to exploit and malign the integrity of not only the Moyon tribe but also the entire Naga community, thereby disturbing the peaceful environment of Chandel District,” the Moyon Naga Students’ Union maintained.

The TTBR strongly condemned the “deceptive acts by Chingburoi Tamburoi Apunba Lup for impersonating the Moyon tribe to make hurtful, prejudiced, and anti-woman statements against the MLA of the 41-Chandel Assembly Constituency and for misleading the public with a sham report aimed at defaming the integrity of the Chief Ministers of Manipur and Assam, along with other political leaders in the country. This shameful act of involving the Moyon Naga tribe and political leaders in alleged ethnic violence in the state, at this critical juncture, deserves immediate and necessary action from the Police Department to identify, book, and prosecute the perpetrators at the earliest.”

Urging the government to take immediate action against the perpetrators in view of the seriousness of this matter, the condemnation note further said, a FIR has been lodged at the Chandel Police Station on July 7, 2024, against this alleged fake report and related cybercrime activities. The TTBR

The TTBR also cautioned any individuals or groups against misusing and impersonating the identity of the Nagas to publish baseless, incriminating falsehoods designed to instigate communal misunderstandings and tension among the various communities in Manipur.

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