MSU sets 48 hours deadline to Manipur CM

Lt. A. Mayili, Tribunal General and former president of the Mao Students’ Union.

Senapati: The Mao Students’ Union (MSU) has set a deadline of 48 hours starting from midnight of August 11 to set up a formal enquiry committee to look into the medical lapses which led to the death of A. Mayili, Tribunal General and former President of the student body.

In an ultimatum addressed to the Chief Minister, Manipur, Marikho O’Leriina, President, Mao Students’Union expressed deepest regret and anguish over the untimely death of its Tribunal General and former President of the student body who succumbed to his injuries on the way to Imphal for lapse of medical treatment and lack of medical facilities in Senapati district.

In the letter, it mentioned that on August 6 morning, (L) A. Mayili, the former student leader met with an accidental deep cut on right hand wrist for which he was rushed to Sub-district Hospital, Mao where initial treatment was given. However, soon after admittance, he was referred to Imphal due to severity of the injury, lack of medical expertise and lack of adequate medical facilities to treat the patient.

Significantly, the request for hospital ambulance to transport the patient to Imphal was allegedly refused by the hospital authorities. Through arrangement of a private car, the patient proceeded towards Imphal and on the way, he was reportedly taken to District hospital, Senapati due to the deteriorating condition. However, due to lack of adequate medical facilities, the patient was further referred to Imphal after attending basic medical treatment. A. Mayili succumbed to his injuries on the way to Imphal due to heavy loss of blood.

Marikho, President of the student body stated that it is with shame and sorrow in the manner which their tribunal general have died due to lack of medical expertise and medical facilities in spite of much claimed development from the state government, he alleged.

Taking this to account, the student body demands the Govt of Manipur to set up proper enquiry committee within 48 hours to look into medical lapses that led to the death of the student leader. The student body further warns to take up to any form of democratic form of agitation if the state Govt does not respond to their demands positively adding the state Govt will solely responsible for any eventuality thereafter.

Same copy of the student body addressed to the state Chief minister had also reportedly been given to Minister, Health & Family Welfare, Law & Legislative, Art & Culture; Minister, TA & Hills, Fisheries (MLA, 49 Tadubi A/C), Minister, PHED, Printing & Stationery (MLA, 48 Mao A/C) and the Deputy Commissioner, Senapati.

Correspondent from Senapati

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