MTB downhill 2022: Onto the final Ramp


Ukhrul: It is cloudy today with a 100% chance of extreme adrenaline-fueled mountain biking.

Ukhrul will have a high of 22°c and a low of 12°c. The weather forecast says “no rain” throughout the day and all signs indicate a delightful day for all outdoor activities of the festival.

After fierce competition in the seeding run for both the hardtail and full-suspension category, the riders from both categories will take on the final run today for the MTB downhill 2022.

Due to a change in the event schedule owing to weather reasons, the riders have had two days of practice run on May 25-26. The seeding run for both the hardtail and the full suspension category was held yesterday at 2:00 pm

The riders plunged into what is called a seeding run. A seeding run, again, is usually held under race conditions to determine in what order the riders get to race in, depending on their timing score; with riders coming in with a similar time grouped together.

20 riders altogether from Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya, and Nagaland will be taking part in the final run today.

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7 riders participated for the hardtail category in the seeding run yesterday. Out of the 7, two riders could not finish/start (DNF/DNS)

In the full suspension, category 13 riders participated in the seeding run out of which, two riders could not start/finish(DNF/ DNS).

However, the riders who couldn’t finish/start will again join the battle in the final run today at Jorcheng.

The final run for the MTB Downhill 2022 will be held today between 2:00 pm till 4:00 pm.

The results for yesterday’s seeding run has been announced and they are as follows:

MTB downhill 2022

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