Naga Hoho on extension of AFSPA, ‘crushing the inalienable rights of the Nagas’

Slaughtering Naga brothers on December 4 and 5 at Oting village, the Government of India still continues to ignore the pain and cry of the Naga people.

The Naga Hoho said it “is extremely shocked” by the attitude of the Government of India for ignoring the voice of the Naga people “as a whole” by extending “disturbed area” for six months in the state of Nagaland.

In a statement issued tonight, the Naga Hoho said, “It is a direct challenge and a message from the Government of India to keep on crushing the inalienable rights of the Nagas”. The Naga Hoho further said that if India is truly a democratic country, then the voice of the people should have been heard. “Whereas, on the contrary the dignity and rights of the Naga people is simply not respected nor considered as fellow human beings,” it added.

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The Naga Hoho then said that even after “slaughtering Naga brothers” on December 4 and 5 at Oting village, the Government of India “still continues to ignore the pain and cry” of the Naga people. “It is a proven fact that, the extension of AFSPA for another 6 months in Nagaland in the midst of the people protesting against the inhuman act of is nothing but an act to dehumanise the Naga people,” it added.

The Naga Hoho then called upon the every Naga across borders to stand in united voice and be prepared for any eventuality in the days to come. “Our identity and our lives cannot be compromised in the hands of the Indian security forces but to stand up for our God given rights. We will decide our destiny but not by the Government of India,” it asserted.

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