Naga Story founded on Truth

Today, even as 'side-walkers' are also rampant and loud in their campaigns, they will always be momentary for the Naga Story stands on the foundation of truth.

The great Naga Story stands on the foundation of truth. Hence, people who continue to walk the Naga Story and also walk with the story were, are and will be the votaries of truth and justice. They were, are and will be, indeed, the Naga Story themselves for us, and for posterity. 

The Naga Story not only withstood the shoves of circumstances, but it continues to expand as the number of listeners of the great story is increasing with every passing generation. 

All along the ‘Naga trajectory’, events, organisations and people of varied interests have participated and are participating. Among these participants, there were and are people who wanted/want to move out of the purview of the principle and worldview of the Naga Story. They were/are actually ‘side-walkers’ who wanted/want to make their own stories. However, and obviously, the Naga Story continues to be the story of those people who have walked and who are walking within the ambit and principle of the great story. This is because the great Naga Story cannot become what it does not intend the Nagas to be. 

As the great Naga Story has been coming along with events and ‘un-events’; accords and discords; ‘formings’ and ‘breakings’; laughter and cries; goings and comings; ups and downs; hard and soft and many more real and unreal, the great story is becoming even more beautiful, deeper and more attractive as the great rivers do as they take their courses along. Also as the great rivers do, the Naga Story has its shares of floods and lean season. But it is always the same great Naga Story at the end of the day.

Since the Naga Story has its strong principle and worldview, tendencies of those ‘side-walkers’ are always temporary and are stripped away in due course of time so that their illusions and interests become more obvious and naked. This is how and why the Naga Story has been surviving and growing. 

Experiences have shown us that the great Naga Story is also beyond and more than any leader and organisation. This infers that the high desk of a leader or an organisation may temporarily block the front view of the story. Whenever such an experience prevails, momentary apprehensions about the change of the story course overwhelm the collective mind. However, the ‘Naga trajectory’ shows us that such experiences were/are momentary flashes. 

Today, even as ‘side-walkers’ are also rampant and loud in their campaigns, they will always be momentary for the Naga Story stands on the foundation of truth.

Witoubou Newmai

This editorial was first published in The Morung Express. Views are personal.

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