Naga Students’ Union Shillong Observed Naga Plebiscite Day

Shillong: The Naga Students’ Union Shillong (NSUS) and its Federating Units in collaboration with the well-wishers observed Naga Plebiscite Day on Monday at Shillong under the theme “Rekindling Our History”. The objective was to bringing together all the Naga students, scholars and elders, residing in Shillong, to have an academic talk and discourse on the importance and legacy of the ‘Naga Plebiscite 1951’.  In continuation of the spirit of the Naga Club, conceived in common aspiration and united in destiny, the Nagas made a clear and irrevocable vow to the world, the desire and aspiration to live as a free and sovereign nation as declared in Naga Plebiscite of May 16, 1951 where 99.9% pledged in favour of free sovereign Naga nation.

The gathering was moderated by Eno Moranthyel Saka, precursor General Secretary, NSUS. Eno Kayio Basena, Chaplain, Mao Christian Fellowship, Shillong, pronounced the invocation, followed by the welcome address from the president of NSUS.

In his presidential address, Eno Imeka Z Awomi, President NSUS, delivered to the gathering the warm greeting of Eno Th. Muivah, the Ato Kilonser of NSCN(IM) where he echoed the message of unity among the Nagas and further called on the youth to carry forward the cohesive spirit of the Nagas. In his virtual greeting, General (Retd) Niki Sumi, President, NSCN (K) also greeted the NSUS and stressed on unity amongst the Nagas as the top priority in achieving the common goals. The NSUS president also conveyed all the warm greetings of various Naga nationalist groups, students’ bodies, civil society organisations and well-wishers in keeping alive the spirit of the Naga Plebiscite’s legacy. Pinning on the objective of the programme, a documentary clip on Naga Plebiscite was shared to the gathering which was followed by exhortations from Eno Tiatemsu Longkumer, Convenor, Naga Research Scholars’ Forum. 

Speaking at the programme, Eno Professor Xavier Mao, NEHU, the resource person of the programme gave a solid exposition on the theme and explained how the Naga Plebiscite gave birth to the consciousness of ‘Nagas as One’. He further pitched for the unification of all the Nagas and articulated a defining vision for the future stressing the inclusive strategy of check and balance. Eli Chiziinai Esther, Assistant General Secretary of NSUS, delivered the vote of thanks and concluded with a benediction said by Eno. Keveseyi Vero, Chaplain, Chakhesang Christian Fellowship, Shillong.

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It is a matter of great pride that the Nagas continue to stand their ground and weathered every storm that comes our way with patience and dignity despite the divisive political agenda and the vexed socio-political issues testing the strength of our aspiration. It is for this necessary reason that the NSUS took the opportunity to organise the Observation Day to inform, instil and preserve the spirit of the glorious legacy in the soul of the younger generation lest they forget the invaluable sacrifices the Nagas have sacrificed to bring forth the noble cause. The Plebiscite is the declaration of the common aspiration of the Nagas: the basis of the Naga political stand, the foundation of legitimate Nagas’ right to self-determination, NSUS said.

It further said, the observation of the Naga Plebiscite Day affords every Nagas the opportunity to collectively revive commitment to creating an environment of undisputed aspiration united in common destiny based on this legacy so that the Nagas can wholly promote, pursue and realize the common destiny which will be honourable and acceptable to all the people.

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