NSCN expresses indignant over the stamp of anti-social elements

“The freewheeling nature of operations by the ubiquitous Assam Rifles (AR) targeting NSCN is becoming an eye sore of the Indo-Naga ceasefire,” says NSCN in a press statement released on Monday.

The statement then stated that “recklessly giving the stamp of identity as NSCN against any arrested anti-social elements is a matter of great indignation for the NSCN”.

“Notwithstanding outright denial, the AR simply charged any person arrested as NSCN members and thereby put the NSCN in bad light,” continued the statement, adding that “this is the smear campaign indulged by the AR against NSCN and to our dismay this has been going on without any restraint”.  

Recounting an incident that took place on the 10th February, 2021 at around 11 AM, when a combined team of Assam Rifles (Camp Doyapur), Assam Police and Black Panthers armed with sophisticated weapons raided the residence of Mr. Kishore Jeedung, Executive Member of the Steering Committee at Dhansiripar, NSCN said that Mr Jeedung has been “charged him with baseless allegation of involvement in the recent DHD new and old DHD clashes in Assam”.

NSCN further maintained that Dhansiripar Village Council, however, testified that Kishore Jeedung was not a person to be involved in such criminal activities as they knew him well from a close angle.

“The village council had taken a strong exception why Kishore should be targeted for no reason,” added NSCN.

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