NSCN-IM accuses AR for its unruly and reckless acts

Dimapur: NSCN-IM has accused Assam Rifles of “throwing the spirit of the ongoing Indo-Naga political talks into dustbin”.

This statement of NSCN-IM came today following certain alleged incidents in Arunachal Pradesh which had occurred recently.

“The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) is highly indignant of the unruly Assam Rifles at the repeated inglorious acts that it had been condemned every now and then, and thereby, exposed themselves their incompetence and cowardice,” the NSCN-IM statement alleged. It further said that while Assam Rifles at Tirap district in Arunachal Pradesh is making another botched operation in Chasa village of Tirap district which injured two innocent villagers, another group of Assam Rifles has created a dramatic nuisance at the very area which stood within the peaceful precinct that symbolized the Indo-Naga ceasefire and political dialogue. “The ubiquitous Assam Rifles is wrongly targeting NSCN personnel under the pretext of loitering outside the designated camp as if a designated camp is a jail, and thereby, throwing into dustbin the spirit of the ongoing Indo-Naga political talks that is under process to solve the Naga issue through peaceful means,” the NSCN-IM statement added.

According to NSCN-IM, the “immediate provocative issue” in focus is the regrettable incident which took place on April 2, 2022, at Bimila village near Doyapur, where the Longvibu of the Naga Army, along with his family members and a dozen of children accompanied by a few of his security staff went for fishing cum picnic. NSCN-IM further said that three times Assam Rifles came to disturb them displaying their belligerent attitude and try to chase them out on the pretext that it is outside the jurisdiction of designated camp and permission not taken from the Assam Rifles prior to visiting such a place. It added that the security staff of the “Longvibu” (Naga Army Chief) reasoned with them that such a private family program should not be disturbed by applying human sense. “They also explained to them the need to respect the spirit of the ongoing Indo-Naga political dialogue. Much to our indignation Assam Rifles pulled back abruptly but within no time came back with more reinforcement by two gypsy vehicles and one big truck loaded with Assam Rifles jawans,” it also stated, while adding, “Placed under such a shadow of threatening gesture, the picnic was aborted”.

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According to NSCN-IM, what was sadly observed was the “inherent recklessness” on the part of the Assam Rifles personnel. “They showed a reckless disregard to the very person who is none other than the Longvibu (Chief) of the Naga Army designated as the official coordinator for the Indo-Naga political talks,” it also said.

NSCN-IM then asked, “Is this the way to handle the Indo-Naga political talks when such a designated official is not duly respected or was it another mistaken identity issue? Is this the way to let loose the ghost of the AFSPA on the Naga political group which is spearheading the Indo-Naga political talks?”

NSCN-IM then said that these “highly undesirable loopholes that have turned menacingly nasty” need to be corrected immediately. It further said that “robbing” the dignity of the very person entrusted to coordinate the Indo-Naga political talks is certainly a hit below the belt. “More than that, sense of humanity in keeping with the spirit of ceasefire and peace talks should also be made to prevail during the entire process of political peace process,” NSCN-IM added. It finally said that nothing should come too costly for Assam Rifles to exercise “human touch” to help drive the Naga peace process to logical conclusion.


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