NSCN-IM holds Emergency National Assembly; To stand firm on Flag and Constitution demand

Dimapur: Amidst the standoff between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM on Indo-Naga peace talks, wherein the former accused NSCN-IM for misinterpretation of Framework Agreement (FA), the NSCN-IM in an Emergency National Assembly meeting held at Hebron, CHQ Church today reaffirmed its stand.

Speaking at the emergency assembly today, NSCN-IM chairman Q Tuccu said, an honourable Naga political solution cannot be finalized without the Naga national flag and the Naga constitution (Yehzabo) that represents the Naga political entity as a nation.

Calling NSCN the frontline torch bearers of Naga political movement, the group’s chairman stated it shall stand the ground till the last man standing in defense of god’s given rights. “Today, the hour of reckoning has come. This is the moment of truth we have to face. Hundreds of thousands have given their lives for the Nagas’ freedom and the responsibility is heaped upon the shoulder of NSCN to fulfill their prayers and dreams for the honourable Naga political settlement with the Naga National Flag flying high. We have to prove ourselves before god and before the Naga people and the whole world, the speech added.

Chairman Q Tuccu stated, there are forces at work who are trying to undermine the political significance of Framework Agreement by giving wrongful interpretation with bewildering comments to suit their selfish agenda in collusion with GoI. “Naga people’s sovereign identity is very prominently reflected in the Framework Agreement,” Q Tuccu said.

The group’s chairman’s speech further called out political leaders who maliciously propagated that Naga flag and constitution, including integration are not mentioned in the Framework Agreement. He sated that “every attempt is being made to confuse the Naga people on the political significance of the FA where the future of Naga political journey is laid out.”

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The stalemate between the group and Government of India over the contentious issue of separate flag and constitution has been the sticking point in the Indo-Naga peace talks since the signing of the historic Framework Agreement in the presence of prime minister Narendra Modi and Defence minister Rajnath Singh.

The NSCN-IM chairman Q Tuccu recent statement that the ball is now in the court of India as NSCN-IM have made their stand very loud and clear, comes at a time when a conglomerate of seven groups, the Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) have, reportedly wrapped up discussion with GoI.

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