Oasis Youth Point officially launches Oasis Coffee takeaway shop in Ukhrul


Ukhrul: Oasis Coffee, a self reliance project of the Oasis Youth Point officially launched its takeaway shop at Viewland, Ukhrul in an intimate launch program before opening its doors to the public from 1 pm today. Rev. Remember Rimai, Pastor, Union Baptist Church, Ukhrul blessed the program with prayers and exhortation before cutting the ribbons to officially launch the Oasis Coffee Takeaway shop.

Oasis Coffee hit the streets of Ukhrul last year as a weekend pop up coffee stall and soon became a sensation among the local populace. Following a successful two months of pop up that was received very well by the customers and patrons, Oasis Youth Point took a hiatus during Christmas before relaunching their range of rich aromatic coffee today at their new permanent store.

“Oasis Coffee was started as a self reliance project to fund The Oasis Youth Point Ministry. We started off with the Pop Up Takeaway stall to see how the reception for such an initiative would be, testing the waters you can say. And the support we received over the two months that we ran the Pop up initiative completely swept us off our feet. The support encouraged us to go ahead with opening a proper shop for this self reliance project.” Lummi Horam, from The Oasis Youth Point shared during the launch event.

Oasis Youth Point, a Christian Ministry in Ukhrul was officially launched in April last year with an aim to raise a generation that reveals the goodness, greatness and kindness of God through a holistic approach of working on the mental, emotional, physical and social well being of the youths. A standout approach of the Oasis Youth Point is also the inspiration it draws from the “Paul’s Tent Making” principle of self reliance.

“There’s this misconception that every missionary work or any Christian Ministry has to be funded by a church or funded by other financial aids from charitable organisations. We started Oasis Coffee as a self reliance project to challenge this stereotype and to show that we can fund our own ministries through various initiatives as long as we have the willingness and the eagerness to do it. All the income from the Oasis Coffee will also go into supporting two other ministries that are already under Oasis Youth Point. The first one is the Oasis Weekend Worship and the other one is the J-Fi Oasis Youth Hub which we plan to launch very soon.” Lummi added.

While the Oasis Weekend Worship has been in place since the start of Oasis Youth Point, the J-Fi Oasis Youth Hub is a novel concept altogether that is set to be launched in the coming days. Taking inspiration from the concept of Wi-Fi, J-fi (where J stands for Jesus) will be a place for youths to connect with each other and with God.

“The J-fi Oasis Youth Hub will aim to provide a safe space for youths to interact, express themselves and to come hang out together and praise our God. There’ll be all sorts of board games and other fun activities for youths to come together and have a fellowship. We will also have counselling sessions available for any youths struggling in their quest to find meaning in their lives. We hope that through the counselling sessions, we will be able to lead them to God.” Lummi further said, speaking of the upcoming ministry.

The Oasis Takeaway Coffee Shop is located at Viewland Bazar, behind UCO bank will be open for business on six days, Monday till Saturday every week, from 11 am – 6 pm.

The Oasis Youth Point is also currently accepting any donations for supporting their J-Fi ministry and can be reached through their Facebook page or by directly contacting Lummi Horam, 9863079884

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