Om Birla: North East region can lead India on the path of progress

Let us all resolve to build a vibrant North-East and a formidable India.

Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla on Thursday said that North-East region of India has immense potential and capabilities. “Hence, this region can lead the country on the path of progress”, he added.

Addressing members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly on his maiden visit to the state, the Lok Sabha Speaker said, “Let us all resolve to build a vibrant North-East and a formidable India. We resolve to make India the most prosperous, dynamic and powerful nation in the world in the 21st century which will act as the guiding force for all the democracies in the world”.

Birla then said that Meghalaya can act as a model of development and prosperity for the entire nation.  Birla also said that, as a state, Meghalaya has all the enabling institutions for inclusive growth.

“The state government and the autonomous councils have to make collective efforts to find the amicable solution to the problems being faced by the people of the state,” he added.

He said that democracy has immense potentiality to address all the grievances, face all the challenges and find a solution for the same.

“As representatives of people, we should be fully committed to extend all possible assistance to mark a new beginning for growth and development in Meghalaya and all across the country,” Birla said.

Stating that he is happy that the construction of the new Assembly building is going on smoothly, he said, “Meghalaya Legislative Assembly will soon have its permanent building after a wait of 15 years. The design of the building is very attractive. I am sure that your new Legislative Assembly building will truly reflect the diversity and rich cultural heritage of your beautiful state.”

The Lok Sabha Speaker further suggested the state Assembly to set up a modern research wing to provide round the clock support to the members.

“We have started a new service in Parliament namely PRISM in the current Budget Session, through which Parliamentary Research and Information Support is being provided to MPs round the clock…We will be happy to provide all possible support for setting up each research wing,” he assured. 

Birla also stated that on the time of corona also, the Parliament as well as all the Legislative Assemblies worked together in coordination and contributed in the efforts of the government.

“I am glad that our collective efforts helped in facing this challenge. This collective cooperation is our source of strength. We should strengthen our collective efforts and try to make them even more effective,” he said.

“We summoned the Parliament even in the midst of corona pandemic and sent a positive message to the people through our functioning. Your Legislative Assembly had also held its session in November despite corona and had made a meaningful effort to work in accordance with the hopes and aspirations of the people. It indicates that our legislative institutions are discharging their constitutional responsibilities with utmost sincerity,” he added.

Asserting that progressive use of ICT tools such as e-Parliament and e-Office in the functioning of the Parliament has significantly helped members of parliament fulfill their obligations in an effective manner, Birla said he is sure that the use of virtual platforms, e-notice, Members Portal and other such facilities will help in bridging the digital divide and create a ‘people centric, sustainable and development-oriented’ society.

Pointing out that the legislative institutions have various parliamentary devices to ensure the accountability of the executive, he said Parliamentary devices such as Question Hour, ‘Zero Hour’ etc are the best ways to address the issues being faced by the people.

Lauding the state Assembly for its initiative to include ‘Zero Hour’, Birla said, “Your initiative of including ‘Zero Hour’ in the Practice and Procedure of your legislative assembly is commendable. You deserve accolades for this.”

He also asked, “Please share the conventions followed by your legislative assembly and also the new initiatives taken so that democratic institutions of the country may adopt best practices from each other.”


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