R N Ravi’s Independence day speech to Nagaland

The Governor of Nagaland and interlocutor of the Indo-Naga peace talk on his Independence Day speech to the people of Nagaland paid heartfelt appreciation to Covid-19 warriors and volunteers in Nagaland. He said they “demonstrated exemplary commitment and extraordinary courage to serve and save people of Nagaland”, thanking “the family of Covid-19 warriors for their strength and support. Civil society and grass-root organizations on playing crucial role in the difficult times”, affirming that “Nagaland is better prepared in fighting the deadly virus and that it no longer is dependent on other neighboring states to fight the pandemic”.

The Governor on his speech said that “North East India which was until some years back known for it’s endemic insurgencies is fast transforming in incredible ways”, saying that “North East as the economic hub plays a pivotal role in the Look East Policy as the region become choice of destination for the rest of the country and the world”.

However, “regrettably the waves of positive and growth seem to have bypassed the state Nagaland”. He said the state “raced against every states in the region despite all odds with its rich human and natural resources”, but “unfortunately today, Nagaland is the worst performing state in the country, including the region on almost all the significant indicators of human development”.

He further added, “unfortunately Government jobs is the main source of employment and the economy is largely based on service of government employees”. He pointed out that there is a prudent need to “encourage and incentivise entrepreneurship” in the state of Nagaland.

He continued, “with the security forces and Naga armed groups, agreed to suspend operations against each other paving the way for political settlement, the legitimate expectation of the people of Nagaland was dividends of peace, freedom from fear of guns, better health, better education, better infrastructure, better livelihood opportunities, and an atmosphere to dream and an ecosystem to pursue their dreams”.

Although, “incongruously, a deeply entrenched network of vested interests has emerged”, which he said “has misappropriated the dividends of peace and did not allow them to reach the people”.

“There is vast scale mayhem and miscarries of dreams and expectation of people of Nagaland. It is unendurable and unacceptable”. The Governor in his speech said, “Nagaland cannot be left behind in India’s grand march forward. The people of Nagaland have the natural right of a dignified future”. And for this he said, “we will have to build and strengthen Institutions of accountability, justice and fair play”, saying that “Nagaland will have to break the vice-like grip of the vicious circle of the network of vested interest and make way for the virtuous circle of peace, prosperity and happiness for the people of Nagaland”.

“This”, he said, “cannot be achieved by the Government alone”. “In this endevour the government need the cooperation of the 2 million people of Nagaland”.

Ending his speech with a positive note that he has “deep and abiding faith in the inherent goodness and capability of the people of Nagaland”.

“Together we will do it. God bless my people of Nagaland, Kuknalim”!

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