RKL president (2021 to 2024) calls to built a stronger and vibrant student body

I will serve the area with commitment, integrity and compassion, RKL president, Qr. Somipam Vashum pledged.

The newly-elected Raphei Katamnao Long (RKL) president Qr. Somipam Vashum called upon the youth of the area to built a more refined and stronger body in the true spirit of ‘oneness.’

Making a clarion call to the youth of the area to give their fullest support and cooperation to the team, he believed that many great things can be accomplish when people join hands together and work towards achieving the goal with commitment, and appealed the people of the area to reposed their faith in the team so that their mission weather the storm and achieve the desire goal.

Speaking exclusively to Ukhrul Times days after being elected, Somipam Vashum said, “My humble decision to contest and serve RKL in the capacity of president didn’t happen overnight and admitted that it is a tough decision especially for someone who is from NRSU area.

“Knowing that we have lots of differences in the past and many of the former leaders shared an emotional pain that still flows in the vein, the decision to field my candidature and serve the Northern region apex students’ union as president climaxed after some serious soul searching.

We couldn’t just stay confined to our area when it comes to leadership. We are under RKL topography and we still share common interest in electing our leaders as we have our say in the General Assembly.
There are certain areas that we need to address to bring the feeling of oneness, he pointed out.

Unveiling some of the action plans, the president said, “As a student body, education remains our top priority. We are committed to bring quality education in the rural area.

He lamented that many educational institutions are existing just for the name sake. From lack of adequate teachers to poor infrastructure, the far flung rural children are facing untold hardships for no fault of theirs.

We need to make a model/structure so that our children do not grow up in an environment full of violence.

The menace of drugs and alcohol abuse need serious attention and we must join hands together in this crusade because we cannot afford our young ones career and their life being uprooted and cut short by these endemic.

RKL is one of the factor, among many others, to stimulate social engineering.

It is not viable to have annual sports meet as it involves huge funding which is not feasible in the present time. We need to formulate a better system.

The newly elected president was specifically responding to the query being raised by UT concerning his priorities and his decision to contest the election.

Meanwhile, the RKL president expressed his sincere thanks to his family, friends, loyal supporters, and well wishers for their unceasing support and love.

He acknowledged that he was blessed for giving him the opportunity to step into this new era to be their voice, and added that it was not him alone that has won. “All of you who have voted for me, won.”
Indeed, I am humbled and honoured that you have placed your trust in me to be the President of RKL.

Earlier Friday, RKL held its new Executive Council election for the tenure 2021 to 2024, and had elected Somipam Vashum as president, Danny Muilung as vice president, Rewardee Sasa as general secretary, Lanno Mawon as finance secretary, and Worreisem Yangya as education secretary.

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