Sit-In Protest Held in Ukhrul to Expedite Investigation of Sinakeithei Twin Murder Case

The deceased Naosomi Lungleng was said to be one of the bread earner of the family and Thotreichan Kashung was survived by a pregnant wife.


Sit-in protest against the brutal murder of the two deceased Lt. Naosomi Lungleng (29) and Thotreichan Kashung (31) of Sinakeithei village was held yesterday at three places in Ukhrul:- Dungrei Junction, Phungreitang Junction & Kasomtang Junction. The protest was jointly organized by the the Tangkhul CSOs (Civil Societies) to expedite the investigation.

A memorandum on behalf of the Tangkhul Civil Societies to Chief Minister, Government of Manipur, N Biren Singh was submitted through the Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul District. It reads that, even after 17 days of having found the two young men brutally murdered and despite after 48 hours notice was given on August 16 for expeditious investigation and arrest of the assailants, no tangible action is appeared to have taken. This shows the lack of seriousness and lackadaisical attitude of the concern authorities. Such negligence will not only delay justice but will fuel communal misunderstanding and disturb the existing communal harmony.

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Therefore, the concern authorities of state is urged upon to carry out its rightful duty without any further delay and discrimination. The following points were urged for immediate action:

1) Initiate an independent investigation into the murder case of Mr. Thotreichan Kashung and Mr. Naosomi Lungleng of Sinakeithei village.

2) To immediately arrest the culprits responsible for the brutal murder at the earliest otherwise we will not withdraw the death bodies.

3) To release a free and fair post-modern report without any further delay or we will intensify our agitation.

“This kind of similar incident has been happened many times before also but we don’t want such kind of unwanted incident to happen again anymore. We want to live in peace and harmony,” said Phungmi Kachang, Chairman, Sinakeithei.

The deceased Naosomi Lungleng was said to be one of the bread earner of the family and Thotreichan Kashung was survived by a pregnant wife.

“Since the two deceased are from a humble background and plays a vital role in the family, it’s a big loss for both the families. It’s painful to bear the unfortunate loss of their lives but we are glad that the Tangkhul CSOs and peace loving people are joining us in our quest for justice. Hope the concerned authorities will hear our voice and do the needful,” concludes the deceased families.

Phungchamnao Ranreiphi Kharei

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