Sonia Gandhi Unwilling to continue as Congress Chief

UT News Service | Delhi, Aug 24: Amid news of a letter by 23 senior party leaders standing up for party reforms, sparking an intense leadership debate within the Congress, reports say that in the Congress Working Committee (CWC) ongoing meeting, Sonia Gandhi is determined to resign from her seat as the party chief.

As reported by various national media outlets, the 23 senior leaders have pointed out the “uncertainty” over the leadership and as such demoralised party workers and weakened the party.

Latest update by PTI tweet says, “CWC meet: Ex-PM Manmohan Singh, AK Antony criticise letter by some leaders seeking leadership change, say sources”.

Followed by another PTI tweet: “Rahul Gandhi criticises letter by some leaders, questions its timing, say sources”.

With opposing views on the party leadership, if not diametrically opposite, shared by party loyalist of different shades, CWC meeting of today could end in a note that will have no key shift to the party’s policy nor in the leadership rank and file. The Congress house, as it appears, will not be put in order.

Here is a look at Sachin Pilot’s tweet, one of the younger ambitious generations in the party.

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