The History of Mr SC Jamir’s Conspiracies – II

Determined to eliminate the freedom fighters led by NSCN, Jamir had his way again when he was provided by the centre Rs.103 crores as Peace Offensive Operation against NSCN. NSCN-K was also provided 100 AK-47s as part of his Peace Offensive Operation. These AK-47 pieces were meant for modernization of Nagaland state police force. Any amount of monetary incentive was paid for killing any NSCN members or any public members belonging to the Tangkhul community. He also made fervent appeal to the Government of India to book NSCN leaders under Interpol Act.

When Indo-Naga ceasefire was declared in 1997 he raised hue and cry, showing his strong displeasure for signing ceasefire with NSCN without taking the state government into confidence. He also questioned why the talk should be without pre-condition. He bemoaned that talk with NSCN should be conditioned under the constitution of India.

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In the year 1998 when Naga people decided to take the stand “we want solution not election” Jamir defied all political parties and Naga people’s decision and went ahead with election and got his INC candidates elected without people’s mandate. He put himself to the chief minister’s throne without going through the process to get democratic sanctity. It was his defiance that has gone down into Naga history.

Much to the chagrin of the Naga people Jamir had the temerity to test the nerve of the Naga people when he wrote a book “The Bedrock of Naga Society” stating that the 16 Points Agreement was the alpha and omega for Naga solution. This controversial book was deliberately released when the Indo-Naga political talk was steadily progressing. Ultimately, he was made to bite the dust as Naga people disowned the book that tried to rewrite Naga history based on India-created 16 Points Agreement. Thus, Naga history was saved from getting disparaged and distorted in the hands of SC Jamir.

For the Naga people, Jamir is nothing more than a saddest fish that swims in the dirty water, his existence that the Nagas bewail. He continues to befuddle and beguile. Thus, misguided elements he ganged up to oppose Naga solution tooth and nail. His whole life is focused on indulging in nefarious act to sabotage the Naga people’s political movement to reset the political status that was suppressed by the Government of India. In the true sense of the term he is a hard core political criminal under whose bloody hands many lost their lives for standing up to defend the political and historical rights of the Naga people.

Jamir remains the begotten son of India as he has been faithfully doing the biddings of the Government of India since Jawaharlal Nehru’s time. Even after Naga people throw him out from election he was rewarded by the Government of India by giving him the post of Governor two times in different states.

For him, to defy Naga people’s aspiration he considered it as rectitude. But his hands are smeared with the blood of Naga freedom fighters. Incongruous was his handling of Naga issue and indelible are his misdoings against the Naga people. He continues to glorify the 16 Points Agreement but the fact shall remain standing that he had a long and inglorious chapter in Naga’s history.

Even at his age he shows himself a man he is as he speaks out of context in his interview and scornfully touched on the names of Mr. AZ Phizo, Gen. (Retd) Kholi Konyak and Mr Th. Muivah. It may be recalled that on the 29th February, 2012 Agri-Expo, Naga People’s Consultative Meeting, Jamir made cheap of himself as he accused (L) Gen. Kholi Konyak of speaking Muivah’s words on inability to obtain sovereignty. Indeed he proved himself a political pariah who continues to be on collision course with history to destroy Naga people’s political identity.

Significantly, when the Naga stakeholders speak out their minds to condemn and reject the rejected 16-Points Agreement reacting to SC Jamir’s personal viewpoint on 16-Points Agreement he said, “the truth is bitter”.

Jamir continues to resist the simple historical fact that the Naga people hold. It was the failure of the 16-Points Agreement that the Government of India had declared ceasefire and hold political negotiation to put things right for the lasting Naga solution. How long is he going to demonize the historical reality?

TNWF also would put on record that it resolved to stand together and uphold the Naga National principle based on 1951 plebiscite till an honorable and acceptable settlement is achieved. The TNWF also resolved to respect the traditional land boundaries and protect the Tenyemi’s ancestral land from encroachers wherever it may be.

1. Rev. A Puni

President, Tenyimi National Workers’ Forum

2. Col. Akho Angami

Vice-President, Tenyimi National Workers Forum

3. DG Robert

Secretary, Tenyimi National Workers’ Forum

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