Tribalgoo Cafe Inaugurated, Aims to Empower Tribals and Promote Locally Made Food Items

So the next time you visit the cafe and enjoy their organic Tea and snack menus, take pride in knowing that you are also taking part in the movement of empowering, promoting, and generating job opportunities as well.

Ukhrul: Puri and sabji in dhabas are overrated, people now want food that’s fancy and different. FANCY now means Fresh, Affordable, Natural, Creative, and Yummy!

There has been a sudden boom in businesses this past couple of years especially in the food and service sector in Ukhrul. A lot of cafes and restaurants have popped up in this tiny cozy town and most of them are FANCY and it is a good thing that FANCY is now the new norm.

Today, we take pride in introducing a new cafe in town situated at Viewland bazaar, adjacent to the Zimik Central Plaza, a cafe like no other. Tribalgoo Cafe aims to empower tribals and promote locally made food items and also generate job opportunities.

Tribalgoo Viewland

So the next time you visit the cafe and enjoy their organic Tea and snack menus, take pride in knowing that you are also taking part in the movement of empowering, promoting, and generating job opportunities as well.

It’s worth mentioning that Tribalgoo Cafe plans to serve a wide variety of flavored green tea which are all 100% locally made in Ukhrul including the popular King Chilli flavored green Tea.

In a cake cutting ceremony on Monday to celebrate the launching of Tribalgoo Cafe, Pastor Somi Kasomwoshi dedicated a bible verse to Tribalgoo. “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.” Isaiah 54:2.

“Tangkhuls are blessed with the strength to enlarge the tent. We are blessed with unique potential, skills, and talent. The youngsters are coming home after studying and executing such skills which help in economic development and even spiritual growth of our place. We should ask for strength from God to bring success to our struggles. May Tribalgoo be a gateway to bring development, success, and blessings in Tangkhul,” said Partor Somi.

Having said this, he cut the ribbon and the cake to officially open the Tribalgoo Cafe for business.

Friends of Tribalgoo were present at the inauguration. They gave their best wishes and expressed their appreciation for the service in our society.


Get to know Tribalgoo and its Vision.

Tribalgoo is an enterprise of three people, Shinmi Rumthao, CEO of Tribalgoo & Web developer, Dearson Khansu, COO & Marketing Director, Mashungmi Zingkhai, CFO & Business Development Director.
Tribalgoo has an office cum store based in Viewland Zone II adjacent to the TNL office.

It’s been running for almost a year now. Right now they keep only locally produced, made-in-Ukhrul tribal products ranging from assorted flavors of tea and pickles to apparel and cosmetics.

Tribalgoo, besides being a physical store is an E-commerce online shopping app.

The update of the online app to make it user-friendly and more seamless is in the process.

Tribalgoo Cafe

“After completing a year we are planning to start taking in products from other states too.
Right now the target is only in Manipur, especially Ukhrul. Once the update on the online app is ready we are planning to add all the products in the app for online shopping, especially for the North-eastern people who are staying in different parts of India and for anyone interested in north-eastern food.
This tribalgoo cafe is also a part of our mission and vision and an important part of our business strategy. We have the hotel industry, food and beverage, and tourism in our plan. We have operated for almost 11 months now and in all these months, empowering our people through entrepreneurship and generating job opportunities have been the priority. We don’t want to just sell to them but also generate jobs/employment. During this pandemic, many youngsters have returned home and even though they want to work they don’t have job opportunities. It’s not only about getting handsomely paid, there are people willing to work with the minimum pay but there is hardly any opportunity. Therefore, to give a small contribution, we decided to open this cafe,” said Mashungmi Zingkhai, CFO Tribalgoo.

Tribalgoo Ukhrul

(Co-author: Soror Shaiza)

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