Ukhrul Dist Reported 52 Covid -19 positive case as of 23 March till May 1

6 are Returnees, while 46 cases are Local. Altogether, the district had 35 Active case.

File photo: Ukhrul town/Ukhrul Times

As of 23 March 2021 till 1 May, the district had reported 52 total positive case. Of which 6 of them are returnees while 46 cases are local. Altogether, the district had 35 Active case, stated Dr Thotreichon Juliana, surveillance officer Ukhrul district.

Meanwhile, the surveillance officer had made a fervent appealed to the populace to wear mask, maintain social distance, wash hands regularly and get vaccinated.

“Stay home, stay safe and let’s fight this covid -19 together,” she further appealed.

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