Ukhrul-Jessami road unmanaged by authority: Village chiefs’ body draws Government’s attention

UT Correspondent | Ukhrul, Aug 25: A lifeline for the local populace, the National Highway-150 in Manipur’s Ukhrul district has been left in an unenviable state of neglect. The 110 km stretch of the Ukhrul-Jessami roadway is now lying in the thick growth of shrubbery and thickets, endangering lives of the people along the highway.

Taking serious note of this, the apex village chiefs’ association of the district, Tangkhul Naga Wungnao Long (TNWL) has drawn the attention of the authorities concerned to the matter, urging for immediate execution of clearance of jungle growth along the highway at the earliest.

Talking to Ukhrul Times over the phone on Tuesday evening, Tangkhul Naga Wungnao Long (TNWL) president AS Vaomi said the “highway has been left in a worse state, with the agencies concerned miserably failing to clear off jungle growth along the roadway for the last one year”.

“The road has become a danger zone for the travellers, especially the sharp turns which are covered by a thick mass of overgrown thickets and bushes. This sorry state of the road also has a potential for causing road accidents and crashes, thereby endangering lives of the people on the highway,” he said.

Expressing concern over the matter, Vaomi said: “We appeal to the authorities concerned to take up necessary clearance of jungle growth along the Ukhrul-Jessami stretch of this national highway at the earliest.”

Stating that safety of the people along the national highway could not be put at risk in this way, he conveyed that the village chiefs’ association wanted the government to take note of matter and initiate steps towards ensuring safety of the people without delay.

“We would also like to assure our continued cooperation with the authorities concerned in the execution of restoration of the highway and ensuring safety of the general public,” he added.

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