Unique history and unique Solution: Mr Moba Chang

Fighting and getting killed in a revolutionary movement is martyrdom. However, it would disastrous to fight among themselves politically and physically at the behest of some divisive forces at work.

Solidarity speech of Mr Moba Chang, member of the Collective Leadership, NSCN /GPRN and Convenor of the Eastern Naga National Workers Union (ENNUW), NSCN, on the occasion of the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) Silver Jubilee Celebration at Tobu Town on 24 February 2021.

Expressing his gratitude on being invited to the Silver Jubilee of Eastern Nagaland Peoples Organisation (ENPO), at the same time regret for inability to be present physically, Mr Chang conveyed his “gratitude to ENPO for the high level of integrity displayed throughout the tumultuous period of Naga political struggle”.

Mr Chang maintained that ENNUW had not let ENPO down but cooperated by sharing understanding in every possible way. He then alluded to an incident of 18 December 2007 when ENNWU was invited by ENPO by saying that they were “made to agree to resolution for maintaining peace and reconciliation without any territorial demarcation”. He further said that during that particular point of time only three groups were there (NSCN/GPRN, NNC/FGN and NSCN-K) and it was expected that the meeting would be forthcoming to bring the three groups together in principle. However, according Mr Chang, their positive response and desire of securing unity among Naga political groups was “cut short” when multiple groups mushroomed, giving heavy burden and creation of confusion among the public. Nevertheless, Mr Chang appealed to the ENPO leaders of the past, present and future to be more pragmatic by displaying honesty and truthfulness.

It is matter of pride that the eastern Naga people had contributed immensely by rescuing many situations that spelled dooms, he said, and went on to appeal that such “magnanimous role” should be continued. “Honourable and acceptable solution will be with us if we learn to defend our God-given political rights with courage and uprightness, and free ourselves from the oppressors,” Mr Change added.

“Basing on the well-built foundation made by our bygone Naga leaders and heroes, our negotiating team exhibits relentless effort in the course of Indo-Naga political negotiations, and finally gained official recognition from the Government of India on the uniqueness of Naga history and political situation,” said Mr Chang, and added that Framework Agreement of 3 August 2015 was based on that recognition. “Since Naga history is unique, so also the solution has to be unique,” he further stated.

According to Mr Chang, fighting and getting killed in a revolutionary movement is martyrdom. However, it would disastrous to fight among themselves politically and physically at the behest of some divisive forces at work.

“When Naga political situation is passing through a critical stage, let it not be bedeviled by our madness for leadership, position and wealth,” exhorted Mr Chang, as it will become the ultimate source of damnation and undo all the sacrifices made by forefathers and leaders.

Mr Chang then prayed for prevalence of “truth, honesty and justice” and wished that ENPO would “show the way to other Naga people across Nagalim to salvage the Naga people’s political future and ensure that it is honourable and acceptable to all.

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