War on Drugs: Poppy plantations destroyed by police in Ukhrul district

poppy plant

Illegal poppy plantations in Thoyee/Sikiphung hill slopes have been demolished by the police on Tuesday. A video posted on Twitter at 7:22 PM, 24 November, by the Ukhrul SP Worngam Ningshen shows a team of police personnel from NCB, NAB, Forest Dept, and 6 MR mowing down the poppy plants in mountain slopes with machetes and bamboo sticks. Some woman farmers, presumably owners of the poppy farms, can be heard sighing at the destruction of their hard work.

“In continuation of State Govt campaign of “War on drugs” District police along with personnel from NCB, NAB, Forest Dept, and 6 MR have started destruction of illegal plantations of poppy plant in Thoyee/Sikibung Hill range, Manipur,”  Mr Ningshen tweeted tagging @NBirenSingh, @LMKhaute and @narcoticsbureau.

In a bid to curb rampant illegal drug trafficking in the state, the Manipur government police had declared “war on drugs” and a series of raids have been conducted. Recently three drug dealers along with a woman had been arrested by the police in Imphal East.

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