Youth Glory Day cum Literary Meet held at Khangkhui khunou; Ngakuimiza Asai as chief guest

The intending BJP leader also called for communal harmony and inclusiveness among the communities of the state which is home to myriads of ethnic communities.

The most awaited Youth Glory Day of Mathotmi youth club was held on Tuesday at Khangkhui khunou under the theme, “Stand for truth and strive for development”.

Lakshang AS, president incharge, Mathotmi Youth Club welcomed and thanked the chief guest, BJP ex-National Executive member, ST Morcha Ngakuimiza Asai and his team for consenting to grace the youth programme.

He lamented that local youths were celebrating this joyful event after a gap of 20 years. Our main purpose to revive the event was to reason together and strengthen the youth organisation.

Speaking at the occasion, Ngakuimiza Asai who inaugurated the event as chief guest urged the local youth to make full use of their potentials and streamline the abilities in them and be an asset for the society. “Youth is my priority and they should be empowered and nurtured”.

Youth need to have the most dynamic and affluent organisation as they are the power house of nation.

Talking about development and growth, he said development is bound to take place sooner or later. And the often heard rantings: I don’t have enough money mentality, he said, needs to be replaced with more positive vibes as money is just a means. What youth need to do is to realise their talent and set their goal and be a shining example when they are young”.

As part of the event, youths competed on various items including news reading, debate, extempore speech, jokes, lungchan laa, bamboo climbing and glory day, among others.

Ngakuimiza Asai 44 Ukhrul AC 2

Growth is what we need, he reiterated, while urging youth to wake up from their slumber and march forward with truth.

He said this elaborating on the theme “Stand for truth and strive for development,” which according to Asai is not only just words but the pressing need of the hour.

The theme touched me dearly, he added. What is truth? Statement of facts and correctness is what we call truth. We have compromised truth. We take for granted corruption. This has reduced us to characterless entity.

The intending BJP leader also called for communal harmony and inclusiveness among the communities of the state which is home to myriads of ethnic communities.

Whether I join electoral politics or not, I would want villagers to have strong self-governance. The future of Khangkhui lies with the local itself and not in the hands of others.

My only prayer to enter the upcoming 2022 polls as intending BJP candidate from 44-Ukhrul (ST) assembly constituency is for let “Almighty God, in my pursuits will be done,” he said, and admitted that he would always seek the elders’ advice while making youth his strong base.

He said Khangkhui holds special place in his life as the first pastor to have prayed and blessed me in my last 43 years is from this village. Rev. Moses is the first pastor to give me his blessing.

Ngakuimiza Asai 44 Ukhrul AC

“I had the privileged to climbed the famed Harva Khangai, the place I longed to trek. We camped there for a night and had meaningful interaction with the local youths,” the beaming Asai said and remarked that “If I could be a stepping stone for the youths to shine that would be my happiest moment.”

MYC general secretary, Wormirin Khudai expressed her profound gratitude to the chief guest for his concern towards the youths and prayed that the almighty God grant him success in his mission.

Attended by local youths and villagers and well wishers, the Youth Glory Day began with prayer announced by Rev. Moses A Chihui, local pastor.

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