10 Naga Legislators appealed PM Modi over Manipur Unrest amidst Indo-Naga Talks

Ukhrul: The ten Naga Legislators from Manipur state on August 29, 2023 had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi representing the Naga community in Manipur. The letter addressed to the Prime Minister, delved into two pressing issues: the protracted Indo-Naga Political negotiation and the recent surge in crisis within Manipur State.

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The letter expressed deep concern and an earnest desire from the Naga community in Manipur for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis. The ten Naga Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) unequivocally condemned the violence and atrocities that have left innocent people in Manipur, particularly the Meitei/Meeteis and Kuki-Chin-Zo communities, reeling, offering heartfelt condolences for the lives lost and properties destroyed.

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The ten Naga MLAs, in a show of unwavering support, affirmed their confidence in the efforts being made by both the Governments of Manipur and India to restore normalcy in the region. The letter also unequivocal endorsed for peace initiatives and dialogues involving various ethnic groups.

Naga MLAs Manipur state

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Further, the core focus of the letter centerd around preserving Naga ancestral lands and interests in any future settlement or agreement. The MLAs stressed that any political resolution must not jeopardize the Naga people’s well-being, whose enduring struggle spans more than seven decades.

The letter acknowledged the historic Framework Agreement and wholeheartedly backs the ongoing political negotiations between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India. It ardently urged Prime Minister Modi to expedite an honorable and amicable political solution. The Naga MLAs firmly believe that the successful conclusion of the Framework Agreement could not only bring peace to the Naga people but also have a profound impact on the entire Northeastern region.

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Furthermore, the Naga legislators expressed gratitude to PM Modi for his pivotal role in establishing the Framework Agreement signed in 2015 under his leadership. The ten Naga MLAs reposed trust in the wisdom and resourcefulness of India to discover a suitable resolution, adding that they are confident that a collaborative approach, blending the sagacity of India and the Nagas, can bring an end to the protracted political negotiations and pave the path for enduring peace.

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